Most Republicans wouldn’t dare try this tactic, but President Donald Trump is doing what got him elected in 2016 and that shows the voters he isn’t afraid to steal the thunder of the other party.

The Trump campaign announced it would be holding a rally in Wisconsin while the Democrats are trying to gain an audience with the American people.

Democrats Scared

I’ve never seen democrats this scared, desperate and panicking before a presidential election. It’s like they know conservatives are hitting a Trifecta: Trump wins, Nancy loses the house and Republicans keep the senate — expect massive sky-screaming. The Democrat debates have become so boring and predictable. Trump is a meanie; it’s all Trump’s fault. I’m a failure in life because of Trump, yadda, blah, etc.

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Trump will appear at the rally at the UW-Milwaukee Panther Arena in Wisconsin, a state that played a crucial role in his election 2016.

“President Trump has delivered for Wisconsin creating 37,400 new jobs, including 4,900 new manufacturing jobs and 13,800 new construction jobs,” Michael Glassner, the chief operating officer of Donald J. Trump for President, Inc., said in a statement. “President Trump looks forward to returning to the Badger State to celebrate his message of ‘Promises Made, Promises Kept.'”

Wisconsin is a must-win state in 2020 for both major political parties. Hillary Clinton, the 2016 Democratic presidential nominee, infamously declined to campaign in the state and Trump surprisingly snagged Wisconsin’s 10 electoral votes – and ultimately the White House.

The state has historically flip-flopped between Democrats and Republicans, and the winner of the state has gone on to become president in every election since Wisconsin joined the union in 1848. [Fox News]

Democrats are pandering to Wisconsin as if having their convention there makes up for ignoring them forever. Wisconsin knows who cares about them, and it wasn’t Hillary Clinton, and it isn’t Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, Joe Biden, or the DNC.

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The Democrats don’t turn on each other until after they nominate a candidate. For example, if Biden actually won the nomination, there would be millions of frustrated Bernie and Warren supporters who would stay home. Trump does not have “one” Democrat to focus on yet.

When the Democrats have their nominee, the RNC and the Trump campaign with have a target. The current polls are less than meaningless. Calling them worthless is too high of praise for them. Show me a non-partisan poll in October and Trump will be up for at least 10%. I can’t wait for the election.

Nothing is more beautiful than watching Democrats bawl like babies (as they did in 2016). Nobody wants to watch socialist millionaires argue about being millionaires and tell the American People Lies.

Thanks for the memories and a moment to look forward to in November.

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