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More Than 15 Armed Muslims Opened Fire In California! BREAKING NEWS

shooting california

A group of 15 or more well-armed Muslim men opened fire on campers and hikers in California’s Deep Creek hot springs area.

Reportedly, multiple agencies – including San Bernardino County Sheriff’s deputies of the Victor Valley Station – responded to the Islamic attack.

As the police scanner audio (below) notes, the reporting party told officers the attackers were of “Middle Eastern descent” and were chanting loudly all night in their “native language.” The men were reportedly in their 20’s, and shootings were believed to be louder than handguns!

The Sheriff’s helicopter was the first on scene and they reported that when the men saw them they grabbed their things and began hiking toward the Bowen Ranch parking lot. The helicopter followed as deputies were en route to the location. The deputies arrived at the Bowen Ranch parking lot and waited for the men to approach.

The men continued to hike for around 20 minutes with backpacks and other bulky items. During the hike, the men reportedly huddled up in possible discussion and at one point split up into two groups.
When deputies approached the men all complied and were patted down. After all were patted down and cuffed, deputies requested an area search since they believed they could have ditched weapons while hiking the trails. Deputies searched for over an hour and did not locate any weapons left behind.

It is unclear if any weapons were located in the possession of the suspects. San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Spokeswoman, Olivia Bozek said, “The deputies detained the subjects and from what I was told they are going to be transported to the High Desert Detention Center. I do not know what charges they are going to be booked for.”

Here is a cell phone photo of the suspects being arrested. It was captured by one of the victims:

shooting california

And here is the police scanner audio:

This is very sad, especially after the tragic Islamic terrorist attack in San Bernardino just a few months ago. It is unclear what the status of of the victims are, at this time. Please keep them in your prayers.

This is a breaking news story. We will update as more details become available.