10 Times the Obama’s Have Feasted In Ways They Tell Americans Not To

With Thanksgiving dinner fast approaching, and millions of Americans set to gorge themselves on a heaping helping of mashed potatoes and turkey, we thought it would be helpful to remind readers of the hypocrisy behind the Obama’s push to tell Americans what they can and can not eat.

Fox News contributor Keith Ablow recently got himself in hot water for criticizing Michelle Obama on lecturing people for what they eat, and suggested the First Lady “needs to drop a few” herself.

The President himself had to be told by a physician’s committee to stop eating junk food every time a camera is in sight.

With that in mind, here are the top 10 times the Obama family and their cronies have feasted in ways they urge other Americans not to.



In a New York Times op-ed, Michelle Obama told poor people that they don’t need potatoes in their diet, despite the fact that she grows them in her White House garden.


At an incredibly extravagant state dinner in which the White House hosted French President François Hollande, salads were served in a “terrarium-like bowl,” the menu offered 12 different types of potatoes, caviar, dry-aged rib eyes brought in from a Colorado farm, and dessert described as “Hawaiian malted ganache with Vermont maple syrup and puffs of cotton candy, dusted with orange zest.”

The First Lady posted a picture of the Obama family dogs sitting at the dinner table for the event.



The President and Vice-President hit the Shake Shack for a few burgers and fries, which certainly must have made Michelle Obama frown.



In response to #8 … Not quite – Michelle Obama herself hit the Shake Shack back in 2011, and downed a 1,700-calorie burger meal.



At another state dinner, this time for Mexican President Felipe Calderon, the Obama’s spent nearly $1 million on a meal that  included “Oaxacan black mole, black bean tamalon and grilled green beans.”

Perhaps it wasn’t the food itself that accounted for the lavish spending – the meal included live entertainment by Beyonce, as well as special trolley cars in which guests were transported to dinner tents from the White House.

Desserts were included as well though, including Graham Cracker Crumble  and ice cream.



Speaking of ice cream – the President can’t seem to get enough. ABC 7 in New York compiled 18 images of the President, saying he sure “loves ice cream.”

At one point this past summer, the President spoke of “his fondness for snacks and ice cream” … at a White House function promoting healthy nutrition.



In 2009, the Obama’s celebrated passage of his stimulus bill with a cocktail party that saw $100 wagyu steaks on the menu. Wagyu beef, in addition to being extremely pricey, has higher levels of fat and more calories due to it’s marbleized consistency.

A 4-oz piece contains 28 grams of fat.



A pair of high-profile meals in 2011 served by the White House had calorie counts combined at over 6,500 calories.

Via White House Dossier:

The January 19 State Dinner for Chinese President Hu Jintao, with its artery clogging list of delicacies, may have been interpreted in Beijing as a message that the Obamas want Hu to drop dead and be succeeded by younger leadership.

The meal clocked in at nearly 3,000 calories …

… Even worse was the Super Bowl fat and sodium festival, where guests – including many members of Congress from Wisconsin and Pennsylvania, the home states of the Packers and the Steelers – and Jennifer Lopez had the opportunity to sock away 3,600 calories.



Michelle Obama served military families an explosive amount of pastries – and hypocrisy – at an event which included, and I quote:

Mini slabs of iced pound cake joined iced cinnamon rolls, blueberry muffins, chocolate chip rolls, apple turnovers, and croissant on laden silver trays.

The children were able to wash down their pastries with fruit punch.



This past June, President Obama not only feasted at a barbecue joint in which the manager claimed he ordered enough meat to “feed a small village,” but he cut the line of hungry patrons to do so.

But folks at the Franklin Barbecue in Austin, Texas got the last laugh, sticking the President with a $102.50 tab by ordering “three pounds of brisket, two pounds of ribs, a half-pound of sausage and a half-pound of turkey for a party of four.”

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