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Here Are Some of the Worst Baby Names We Could Find!

What happened to kids’ names like William, Derek, and Rebecca? They seem like names of a bygone era.

Parents have replaced instilling their children with character and imagination with giving them “unique” (dumb) names. People honestly think a child’s name is what will give them a boost in the world.

Frankly, it is a sign of how weak our society has become that people think giving their children weird names is what it takes to make them special and successful.

Royalty rose in popularity among girls by 88 percent in 2015. Duchess jumped by 25 percent
Lots of parents made sure that we know how much weed they smoked in 2015. Smoking-related names soared this year. The name Bud rose in popularity for boys by 69 percent, Haze by 62 percent, and Blaze by 8 percent.

Haze and Blaze? Perhaps we need to stop drug addicts from having more children that we taxpayers have to pay for? But no, that wouldn’t be “politically correct” now would it?  I wonder if Vape & E-Cig are going to be common names in the future?

And what about Duchess!? Think my grandma named her poodle Duchess.

Read more of this ridiculousness here and check out this story on good and loving parents.

Here’s a radical idea: Don’t use your child’s name as an art project! Don’t make them a name, make them a whole person! In an age of Finns & Gables, be different and make more Freds & Georges!

Are baby names getting out of hand? Share your thoughts in the comments below.