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Will This Comment from Democrat Bob Beckel Get Him Kicked Off the Air?

Former Walter Mondale campaign manager and long-time Democrat Party operative Bob Beckel may have crossed a serious line on Fox News’ The Five.

The panel was discussing a star of The Bachelorette reality show- Andi Dorfman had slept with a man then decided not to marry him. Most of the panel was indifferent. But suspender-wearing Bob Beckel had another description of it.

“She’s a slut!” he proclaimed. “I’m not kidding you!” Thankfully, his co-hosts were quite disgusted.

“You probably sleep with a different woman every night,” conservative pundit Andrea Tantaros shot back. (If you didn’t know, Beckel really did have a serious problem with at least one prostitute.)

Could you imagine if a Republican said that? People are still holding a grudge against Rush Limbaugh for referring to Sandra Fluke as a “slut” for her insisting that insurance and taxpayers fund unlimited birth control. Will Beckel be held to the same standard?



h/t: HuffPo