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President Trump to Name Mike Dubke Communications Director

During Thursday’s combative press conference with the liberal media, President Trump emphatically argued that his administration was “running like a fine-tuned machine.”

While Democrats in the Senate have been doing everything they can to slow down this administration, the president is moving forward, implementing his conservative agenda.

Following the president’s thrashing of the media, many on Twitter have even suggested that President Trump should be his own press secretary, as no one can communicate the president’s message better than Donald J. Trump. Although President Trump has no plans to replace White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer, he has just made an important hire that should make Spicer’s job much easier.

CNN is reporting that President Trump is set to name Mike Dubke, founder of Crossroads Media, as his communications director.

Mr. Trump had initially selected transition spokesman Jason Miller for the job, but he stepped aside to prior to Inauguration Day to spend more time with his family.

From CNN:

The expected appointment is rankling some inside the White House, with longtime Trump loyalists inside and outside the West Wing saying they would have preferred a veteran from the campaign.

“Dubke and his Crossroads friends did everything they could to kill the Trump movement and failed,” one loyalist said.

Dubke founded Crossroads Media in 2001 and brought it to a level of national prominence during the 2008 presidential campaign. It is “the premier Republican media services firm,” according to a description on its website. And Dubke has “a unique understanding of the relationship between political strategy and public policy development,” the website explains.

Crossroads Media has close ties to Karl Rove and the Bush administration, and some may question whether or not Mr. Trump should select a communications director with such establishment connections.

President Trump is known to value loyalty, and some close to the president may be skeptical of Mike Dubke, who one Trump supporter believes tries to “kill the Trump movement.” At the same time, Dubke has proven to be an effective political communicator, and could be seen as a valuable asset as the Trump administration battles the liberal media on a daily basis.

If you haven’t seen Trump’s press conference yesterday, it is absolutely, without a doubt, must-watch:

What do you think about the reports of President Trump selecting Mike Dubke as his communications director? Should he select someone with closer ties to his campaign? Share your thoughts below!