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What Made This Bernie Sanders Supporter CRY Will Make You LAUGH!! [VIDEO]

Bernie Sanders
More and more millennials seem to go out of their way to prove that the worst stereotypes and prejudices that older generations of Americans have against them are sadly and pathetically true.

Today’s edition of “our country is doomed” comes from a whiny Bernie Sanders supporter who made a video talking about her experience making phone calls to people in the South and how they reacted to her.

Trigger warning: if whiny Millennials crying bother you, then beware, there is a whiny Millennial crying ahead!

Watch below:

WOW. That’s all it takes to make a Millennial Bernie supporter cry – encountering people that might disagree with her and have some conservative opinions!

What’s even more ironic is that Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump share many common positions!! But for this poor girl it’s all about her feelings.

And that’s why our country is doomed, my fellow Americans.

What do you think? Is this Socialist-supporting whiny liberal representative of Millennials, or is there hope? Let us know in the comments below!!