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  1. Mark says:

    Show ID, but more than that, have finger print recognition to collect checks. This would eliminate a large chunk of welfare fraud. You could only get one check per month instead of multiple checks from various states. Put some of these people to work, make able body welfare recipients work for their check, and for the children some them keep having. Some know the system too well, and live better than those working 40+ hours per week at minimum wage.

  2. Kim says:

    absolutely the right thing to do…why should we pay for someone to sit at home and collect money…the only ones who are against it are those who are abusing it…go Trump go and clean up the democrat mess..

  3. Matt says:

    AND – as to State Unemployment Benefits – isn’t that something the wage slaves automatically pay into – so really doesn’t the benefit come from paying into the Unemployment INSURANCE program?

    So who gives a rat’s behind if they smoke pot while they get their own money as a stop gap.

    This punitive idea about people who are not working, make them beg for their own money, is Industrial Revolution Herd Management.

  4. Matt says:


    “According to state data gathered by ThinkProgress, the seven states with existing programs — Arizona, Kansas, Mississippi, Missouri, Oklahoma, Tennessee, and Utah — are spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to ferret out very few drug users. The statistics show that applicants actually test positive at a lower rate than the drug use of the general population. The national drug use rate is 9.4 percent. In these states, however, the rate of positive drug tests to total welfare applicants ranges from 0.002 percent to 8.3 percent, but all except one have a rate below 1 percent. Meanwhile, they’ve collectively spent nearly $1 million on the effort, and millions more may have to be spent in coming years.”


    “Just sayin'”

  5. Not only should welfare recipients be drug tested on a regular basis but they should have proof of ID to be shown and matched with their original application including fingerprints and photo ID.

  6. Nikola says:

    Well I see this website is one you can’t trust.
    My post here from yesterday is gone so I guess the truth hurt you clowns.

    So my reply is you are #1 (holding up my middle finger)

    What a waste of time.

  7. William says:

    I’d say that those who collect welfare should have to submit to finger printing for each check, as a form of proof and help prevent fraud. collecting public funds is no longer and privacy issue.

  8. Camille says:

    Make them work for their benefits, unless the problem is medical and not a drug problem. Get all of the illegals off of Welfare and food stamps.

  9. Hazel says:

    What has unemployment got to do with welfare? Unemployment is for the working people who get laid off from their job because of downsizing or closures to help the workers while they search for work. It is insurance paid into by the workers and their employers. Welfare is given to people who do not work and don’t want to work. To women who have babies by different men who will not meet their obligation as a father. (but men live with the women) she has a baby to get a raise in her paycheck from the taxpayer. This is passed down from the mother to the daughters , so they are taxpayer paid all their lives. In order to even get welfare you have to be a drunk, a drug addict or have kids you can’t afford to raise. They get every thing they need housing ,food, clothing, medical, schooling, I phones, cigarettes, alcohol . I think they should build Orphanages run by Nuns and put the kids people can not support in them and let the mothers and fathers find a job. The kids would be well taken care of, well fed, schooled, taught the difference between right and wrong, taught respect for each other and others property.It would be a lot cheaper and we would have more happy kids. I know this because my mother- in -law was one of those kids. The happiest time of her life was in the Orphanage, she was there until she turned 18 and she did not want to leave. They helped her to become a nurse and self supporting.

  10. poppDavid says:

    Since 1976 the top 965 corporate beneficiaries received 3/4 of $110 Billion in state economic development subsidies. The share received by Fortune 500 corporations was $63 BILLION.

    Can we please get drug testing for those welfare queens? There is no reason that taxpayers should be paying for their drug habits.

  11. Don says:


  12. Nick says:

    The Federal Government must not be providing any welfare or unemployment compensation – for that matter neither should the states. The purpose of all government is the protection of private property not to take care of people. The protection of private property is already a large burden on wealth creation. Taking care of people by the government increase that burden. Wealth is the only hedge against calamity and when the government burdens wealth creation it exposes the nation to calamity.

    1. Earlene says:

      +Nick Spoken like a true fascist! First of all, unemployment benefits are distributed from the money paid to the state and federal funds paid by employers, not taxpayer dollars we pay to the government. Also, according to our constitution, the government is supposed to protect our citizens. It is rather difficult to protect private property, when our laws allow for the right of eminent domain, and the land gets stolen from us by major corporations who pay off our government officials and judges who allow it to happen for the right price. Like what is going on at Standing Rock Indian Reservation in ND. No one there wants that damn pipeline except the people who will benefit from it financially because they don’t have to drink that water so why should they give a damn if the water is poisoned for the people who actually live there! I am disgusted with living in a country that refuses to protect its environment, which in turn would help protect all the people!

      1. BRUCE says:

        EARLENE – Please post a quote of the words in Our Constitution which say or imply there is a “duty” to “protect” the citizens.

  13. Nikola says:

    Well maybe NOW actual Medicaid people can get things done instead of having to wait in the long line full of phony “disabled” people.

    In Washington State Medicaid members have to wait as long as a year to get a dentist to do anything since they all have to wait for the State government to mail them back a approval several months later for EVERY step of ANYTHING they do……..better off moving to another country and then sneaking back in or claiming you have a “mental disability” and you need that fake medical marijuana……..they get the head of the line in Washington State…….now if you had things like heart attacks or cancer…….well you can just wait in line for a year and MAYBE they will approve for you………as these bastards fill their bank accounts……..and this State has been run by liberals for several DECADES……..yet they are experts at blaming somebody else even though it is a STATE problem……….where they all cry about helping the weed smokers and the heroin shooter that live in tents under the bridges by the hundreds…….make that thousands.

  14. AG4Jazz says:

    Of course, trump and republicans won’t let a little thing as probable cause or the 4th amendment get in the way!

    1. Chris says:

      It has nothing to do with either of those! If you are TOTALLY living off of gov’t handouts, that the rest of society is paying for, you shouldn’t be spending ANY of those resources on recreational drugs!! If you can afford rec-drugs, then you DON’T need welfare!!

      1. William says:

        I’d go even a bit further, and test for alcohol and tobacco additions as well, if you can afford to drink and smoke, you don’t need to do it on the working mans dime.
        If you give some one welfare and don’t look out for their welfare, then your adding and abetting.

    2. George says:

      It’s a very simple issue – this is not a search and seizure; it’s a qualification issue. If the applicant does not want to submit to the qualification test, then they can forgo the handout. My taxes are not for crack users. Nor should anyone else’s be.

    3. Jim says:

      AG4jazz: If you want my money (tax payer money) you follow my rules. Has nothing to do with the 4th.

  15. Greg says:

    Unemployment is not a Govt hand out, the employer pays it not the state, this is just another camel under the tent scam, go after real welfare scammers!

  16. Joseph says:

    We must crack down on all of the goverment handouts that go to the UBER RICH, too! They don’t need them and will easily live without handouts at the taxpayer expense!

    1. Greg says:

      Unemployment is payed by the employer not the Govt. just saying

  17. Carolyn says:

    If I am understanding this correctly the bill is referring to unemployment benefits for those out of work, not actual welfare benefits…much different scenario. Employers in Georgia have to pay unemployment tax and a person drawing unemployment is paid based on how long they worked at last job, reason for leaving, etc. It not an entitlement like food stamps and plain out and out welfare checks. The unemployed already are living on reduced income while seeking reemployment. In Georgia the max weekly unemployment check is $300.00 minus your federal and state income tax. I hope if this is implemented the cost of the drug testing will be incurred by the state of Georgia and not the unemployment recipient. I would like to know the guidelines on the testing, will it be random and how often, will it be determined by your unemployment office? I see the potential if guidelines are not implemented that this could be a discriminatory policy. By the way I am 63 and retired but I do have friends and family in several phases of the construction industry and they have had to rely on benefits when one job is completed and the next one begins.

  18. J-p A says:

    Imagine THAT: acting responsibly! What a concept! Of course, Atheists, Communists, Libtards, Un-Americans (ACLU) will find some whacko in the Ninth District Court to file an injunction prohibiting this campaign.

  19. Ken says:

    My only hope is that each and every state enforces the law and stop the abuse, fraud, and corruption within the welfare system.

    This should have been done at least 8 years ago and I am sure that the Republican Governors put this in place, I only hope that the Democrat ones will do the same, especially here in California, where abuse is running ramp it.

    1. Earlene says:

      Though I don’t necessarily agree with it, I understand the concern regarding welfare recipients. However, when it comes to unemployment, I completely disagree! First of all, unemployment is not a welfare benefit, it is not paid out of taxpayer funding, nor is it government assistance in any way, shape, or form! The writer of this article seems to have deliberately implied something that is completely false. State and federal unemployment insurance are funds paid into by all employers, not the taxpayers, and is only paid out to people who are laid off their jobs, not fired. IMO, making people pass a urine test who have lost their job through no fault of their own would be highly insulting and unnecessary, as well as a waste of time and taxpayer dollars!

    2. Hazel says:

      Ken where have you been? Under a rock? The Democrats has been in control for years now. They are the ones to blame for most of our problems. Your state has had a Democrat governor as well , Your problem is all the money paid out to people who are not American and should not be getting it. Heck your Governor chose to give handouts to ilegals rather than fix the dam that almost broke and kill hundreds. He wants to leave the union but doesn’t mind asking for more money to fix the dam that should have been his first priority. So don’t go blaming the Republicans who wasn’t even in charge.

  20. Larry says:

    Before retirement I was subject to random drug testing at any time. Sometimes it was 2 times in one month, sometimes once a year. This was a condition of employment. Yes, I had to take a drug test to earn my wages. I want EVERY person making a wage off the working person. Once at beginning of receiving public assistance, and randomly as long as receiving benefits. I cannot claim this as a deduction from my taxes, this in my eye is taxation without representation.
    I know that there are a few people that truly need help and should get it. I am not in support of single mom getting aid for multiple babies with multiple fathers, none of which are working.

  21. Mike says:

    I belive the people at the top should be the first in line for any drug testing, they collect some pretty big buck as compaired to the welfare “fraudsters” they want to bully around.

  22. Mpit says:

    It’s about time a President got his head out of his ass and did this.

    1. Hazel says:

      Write to your congressman and demand it.

  23. Marilyn says:

    I am so happy all of this is happening. We worked our tails off all our lives and managed to get our kids thru college on our own dime and when I see the fraud and cheating going on with welfare, food stamps, etc. it really aggravates me. Why should the layabouts get a free ride? I always felt that Obama’s main goal was to bankrupt this country and he did a top notch job of it, but this must stop.

    When they talk about food stamp cards being used on cruise ships and abroad it is beyond infuriating.

    Go President Trump…the only politician in history to really keep his promises.

  24. It way past time to randomly drug test welfare recipients and unemployment applicants for
    illicit drugs. If it is proven that they have used illicit substances then test a second time
    within 30 days. Failure should be immediate removal from the program and the ability
    to reapply should be a minimum of 90 days. Before they can be reinstated they must again
    go for a drug scan and if they pass then they can reenter the programs but if they test
    positive a second time they are banned for life from applying for food stamps are any other
    government assistance programs. Same should apply to Unemployment benefits and
    they must physically prove they have actively applied for work while drawing unemployment

  25. jefafa says:


    1. Joseph says:

      Jeyfafa: I have a cousin who was perfectly normal until the age of 4 years old. She contracted encephalitis, had an extremely high fever and survived. As a result of the high fever, she has brain damage and lost most of the use of her right hand and left leg. She had to hire an Attorney to qualify for Social Security Disability. She gets $450.00 per month! Both of her parents are deceased. She has tried repeatedly to get a job, only to work a day or two and then get “laid off”! Do you think my 66 year old cousin is a welfare cheat?

  26. Kay says:

    I support the principle but, as a professional who understands the process of drug testing, I am really cautious of it. No, no one who tests positive for cocaine should have any benefits. Cocaine is a class 1 drug; no legal use. In most states, marijuana is also class 1, but that is changing. LSD is class 1. That would be easy; anyone testing positive for those drugs is out. The hard part, however, is stuff like pharmaceuticals. I know they are commonly abused, but do we really want to stop welfare benefits b/c someone broke a leg or had surgery and tested positive for oxycodone? How is that going to work? Are we going to accept all legitimate rx? It could start a slippery slope.

  27. Bill says:

    I do believe that those needing that temporary assistance should not be using drugs of any kind.

  28. Alicia says:

    Good! Too much waste & gaming the system dollars. Those who want freebies, get your arse off the couch and be productive. Stop beeing a burden on your own society! Too many moochers living off us workers! I support this 100%!

  29. Mary says:

    YES! Where I worked, they only tested when hiring on..not later when it was really needed. Plus the state paid the company $1500 a month for each Welfare person they hired..so they made what I did, got food stamps, health care, public housing and college grants…and the company got free labor. Then on the way to work one day, a guy so high..didn’t see the red light, plowed into the rear-end of a guy that had stopped for the light…and shoved him into me..and I got broad-sided. That guy was so high..he wasn’t even aware he’d been in a wreck. I had to call for the “jaws-of-life” to get the man free that got caught in the middle, his car was so smashed up! The guy that caused the wreck had just come from a job interview to be a welder at a boat dock!

  30. William says:

    President Donald John “Jack the Giant/Vampire/Parasite Slayer” Trump!!!!!!

  31. William says:

    It’s actually been tried. It turns out, sure there are people collecting public assistance who are taking drugs. No surprise there. What was a surprise, though is that it’s about the same percentage as the general population, or possibly lower. Should states be allowed to test welfare recipients for drugs. Sure! But there’s just one thing: testing people for drugs is expensive. Even if you kicked all the people it caught off of welfare, it wouldn’t yield enough money back to make it financially worthwhile. Now, it may be in the state’s interest to do that for moral reasons, perhaps, but not for financial ones. Besides, the drug problem has hit not just poor people, but many people. Testing isn’t the answer. Treatment is. How will find them? They come for treatment when it gets too bad for them to do otherwise, because it’s either that or die, at least in the case of opioid abuse, which is the biggest drug problem we have right now.

  32. Meredith says:

    I realize that doing so is a slippery slope but support it. Every day around lunchtime when returning from the morning shift of my morning/evening teaching job I saw a group of youngish guys hanging out on a stoop smoking weed. That teaching job was tough and I was really ticked off that able-bodied doofuses had the money and time to waste doing that, their moms probably collecting benefits. This is a good thing, I say.

  33. Kathy says:

    Of course I agree! Welfare fraud is rampant and has been for years! How long will we we continue to be ripped off by criminals?? This has to stop! Next, we need to work on Medicare and Medicaid fraud where many doctors are totally scamming the system.

  34. Glenn says:

    Here’s the only real solution to our country’s problems, especially where welfare is concerned — it’s the biggest problem our country faces (only not for the reason you think). Please read and pass on:


  35. Brenda says:


    1. Hazel says:

      Brenda, If this woman is getting food stamps than she is probably getting welfare as well. When they cut her off there will be demonstrators in the street yelling about how she is being discriminated against because she is Muslim. That is how far this country has fallen in the past 12 years or so. Instead of enforcing the laws they are just ignored. Folks have lost their way and are destroying the country they prefess to love.

  36. Marshall says:

    Lets just start a work requirement and that will end welfare.

  37. William says:

    If they can afford drugs they can get a job and earn their own money, I do not do drugs and do not want to pay for some Bust out to do them either …

  38. Daniel says:

    The only real way to stop Welfare fraud is to pass E-Verification into law! This will make it illegal for anyone who abuses the system! It also makes it illegal to knowingly hire illegals! Any one caught should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law! So people go e-mail your congressman/woman, and your senator and press them to push for E-Verify! We need to make them do the job of their constituents! If they don’t we have them removed the very next election! It’s time we take back our country from those in the congress, after all it’s for the people, by the people of The United States of America! And for those of you who don’t vote, keep your mouth shut! We don’t want to hear the BS that comes out of your mouth!

  39. Anna says:

    Yes there are way too many people mooching off welfare and the ones who really need to extra help has to fight like crazy to get anything.. For instance the elderly who are on very low social security has to fight for every food stamp or other assistance they might need.. Then you have these Welfare kings and queens that can get what ever they need at the drop of a hat.. they buy food for all their friends and drive new cars and have all kinds of extra income not reported.. They come from other countries and get things handed to them on a silver platter when most poverty and elderly can’t get it without proof of everything they own and some have to drop their life insurance even if parents paid for it when they were a child or loose everything .. NOT FAIR to the really needy people ..

  40. Kevin says:

    It’s about time we have someone, a leader, a man, in the White House. No more give away programs. Sure, there are people who need help, but not 2, 3, or 4 generations of assistance. It’s time to get off of your dead beat asses and get a job. Also, staying in school will not hurt your chances!!!

    1. Daniel says:

      Amen! It’s time they work for what they get! There are a lot of elderly people, and handicapped that need help either snow removal, or lawn mowing that those on welfare can do as community service! There are schools that they can attend to get training for jobs that are available in their area! Those who get assistance should be made to show proof of work, looking for work, community service, or attending some type of job training course! Other wise they should be removed from the program!

  41. William says:

    I know someone who used to deal crack.
    He said that 90% of his business came within two days of the welfare checks going out.
    He has now gone straight.

  42. Kenneth says:

    It must feel good to have a leader who is motivated to take on the bludging looney left. here in Australia we are fast becoming the welfare capital of the world. We need to borrow your trump card for a while to sort things out here.

  43. Chuck says:

    My friends wife worked usually the last 3 months of the year for the welfare office because they would have excess money in the office that had to be spent or the gov. would cut their budget for the next year and they didnt want that to happen. She said when congress would appropriate $100,000 for a certain project and it could have been anything like to help people in poverty start a business and they were allowed to give like 20,000 to five people . She said the ones that worked there would automatically call the same people which were their brothers or sisters dads or mothers or aunts or uncles or cousins, it never helped no one but someone that was kin to them and they never even started any business but the money went down the rat hole until the next batch would come in, in other words it was absolutely given away and never used for its intentional purposes. This is what the government does, they just throw away money and call it for a good cause

  44. HOFFHACK says:

    This is just more political word “parsing!” Just because it allows States to do it does not mean they will! This is only going to work in “Red” States! The mealy mouthed Democrats will just continue on their merry way unless it is made mandatory for all!

  45. Russell says:

    It’s not just those using the money to but drugs, this welfare problem has a greater negative effect.
    The ‘More money for more babies’ is an equation for the destruction of America. We saw what kind of effect it had in the Obama national votes. Millions of these ‘welfare investment babies’ grew up to be welfare voters that needed to be bused to the voting booths so they could vote for the least qualified presidential candidate in U.S. history simply because he promised them more free money.
    Welfare should only be for four years. Year #1= %100 of the benefits. #2= %75, #3 = %50, #4= %25, Year #5= Out of Luck!

  46. William says:

    This is something that should be done in Canada as well, just another deter-ant against those who would use tax payer funds for illegal usage.

  47. poppDavid says:

    Expand the drug testing for welfare recipients.
    Drug test the CEO’s and directors of all corporations getting government handouts.
    Drug test all members of the White House cabinet too. Can’t have druggies running the government.

    1. William says:

      Wonderful idea, a spontaneous urine test each yr, How can it get any easier.

    2. Bill says:

      Those in the military have random drug testing monthly or any time a superior officer says do it.

  48. jackel01 says:

    Well. yes. No accountability is the name of welfare fraud. How many families have large screen television, top notch furniture and appliances, decent clothes, take vacations and have a nice vehicle to drive? Just watch a line waiting for their benefits!!! Use to check these luxuries also but Democrats said violated their rights (cheating rights). Now real sad part, those that are truly down and out and should be receiving benefits are not, or, are getting short changed and cheated by these thieving lairs—-permitted by our blind and vote getting, do gooder politicians and their plants within the welfare system. Oh, I suppose the wait in line is made easier if one is using drugs, or, maybe standing is just to much to ask of some of them!!!! But remember, to the Democrats they are all valuable—Votes, baby, Votes. Not only drug tests, but bring back just checking exactly what they have that they should not!!!!!

  49. Bob says:

    This must upset the liberals to no end. I love it when they go ballistic. And, who can blame them? The welfare state inhabitants are their voter base.

  50. David says:


  51. David says:

    Already contacted the Trump Administration about the fraud of Child Tax credits. Foreign Nationals and even citizens have abused the program. That ancient Democrat Harry Reid (NV) new about the the fraud, but refused to do anything about it, even after the Special Inspector investigated the issue and that up to 4 to 7 Billion dollars was being criminally stolen.

  52. No More Mr. Nice Guy says:

    Yes! Sign!

  53. Desert Fox says:

    It’s about time! I can’t get my Vietnam Veterans Benefits although I served with boots on the ground; but Congress has denied the early Vietnam Veterans their rightful benefits. However, they can pay illegals more than I get in Social Security. I hope things change under this Trump Regime.

  54. Mike says:

    Yes, OK, there is the drug problem, but the REAL problem with welfare abuse is that many MANY welfare recipients actually have jobs, working “under the table” for cash. Many times these people also live fairly close to state borders, so they have a job in one state but live in another and collect welfare there. Also there are many MANY women who collect welfare for themselves and their kids, but have a live-in boyfriend who actually supports them (live-in boyfriends do NOT have any financial liability because they are not legally married). When you see these welfare mamas at the mall hopping into their new SUV’s while yakking on their high-price cell phones, it’s because their “sugar daddies” are actually supporting them and they are sucking up the welfare too (The phone and the car registration are in HIS name)…THOSE are the REAL problems that need to be addressed. Maybe what we need is some “Welfare Police”, since the caseworkers have neither the time nor the kills to investigate these frauds

    1. Kay says:

      Oh, no! You mean the state should actually get into their business? They should actually have to account for who pays the rent and such? I’ve got my rights!
      Boy, it would DRAMATICALLY decrease the welfare rolls if they actually accounted for household size and actual income. BUT, then again, it would probably change so often it they wouldn’t be able to keep up w/it!

  55. Kim says:

    absolutely, every person who wants to collect assistance from the government should take the test…too many people abuse the system…

    1. Doug says:

      Should have been a law along time ago, and get back to the old flip phones instead of I phones with data.

    2. George says:

      veterans that go to v.a. even get drug tested. if prescribed any meds then you must pee in the cup. not sure what would happen if you had substance you were not supposed to have though, never had that problem.

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