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WATCH Hillary Defend ISLAM While Proposing To Take Away Your Constitutional RIGHTS!!

The Hillary campaign is kicking into high gear, and it appears that she has two big goals on her mind – one is to defend Muslims from “islamophobia” and the other is to take away your constitutional right to defend yourself from terrorist attacks.


Watch below:

Hillary gives a long list of how she wants the federal government to further shred the Constitution and take away your right to own a gun.

And ridiculously, her liberal lemmings clapped like morons when she advocated for the gun ban on those on the “no-fly list,” even though countless people have pointed out that because of errors on that list, it would be taking away innocent Americans’ rights without due process.

Hillary’s America would mean more Muslim immigrants with ISIS-sympathizing attackers hidden among them, while Americans cower unarmed in fear.

What do you think? Will this message resonate with Americans or will they reject this stupidity? Let us know what you think in the comments below!!