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[WATCH] Barack Obama Refers to Michelle as ‘Michael’ – Video Resurfaces!

Lately, the media has been obsessed with conservative star and former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin’s gaffe where she said at a conservative event that truth is in short supply at “1400 Pennsylvania Ave.” Palin recovered gracefully later that day on Twitter, but that didn’t stop the media from repeating the story to reinforce their belief that Palin isn’t bright. On Google News, there are thousands of articles and blog posts repeating this story.

But what about President Barack Obama’s gaffes? Outside of simply being a lousy President, he isn’t good on the stump without a carefully worded script on a teleprompter.

Watch (above) as Obama makes a major error in referring to HIS WIFE as ‘Michael.’ Seriously, how many of you would make that type of mistake when referring to your own spouse?

And can you imagine what would have happened if former President George W. Bush referred to Laura as ‘Lawrence’ or ‘Larry’? That story would still be repeated in the news to this day, and dropped into every interview throughout his Presidency.

Obama’s gaffe is especially bad, considering the conspiracy theory promoted by the late comedian Joanne Rivers that Michelle Obama might be a man.

When it comes to the lame-stream media covering political misstatements, there is a clear double standard.