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Unbelievable! Internet Responds In SHOCK Over Obama’s TONE DEAF Speech After Terrorist Attacks!!

brussels terrorist attack
Yet another evil terrorist attack has rocked Europe and taken the lives of dozens of innocent civilians – but Obama made sure that it didn’t get in the way of his victorious speech in Havana, Cuba.

He spoke for about 45 total minutes, often tossing out cheesy jokes, and only gave the terrorist attacks 51 SECONDS at the start of his speech!!

Here’s what he said:

That’s it!!

And then after the moron-in-chief launched into his pre-written speech, CNN was forced to put up a split screen to show the aftermath of the Islamic attack in Brussels – the image was jarring and surreal.

Here’s how the internet responded to Obama joking with the Commie Cubans while pictures scrolled by of the terror in Brussels:

What a perfect symbol of Obama’s complete tone-deaf insensitivity towards the threat of Islam to the West.

When will Americans and the West wake up?

What do you think? Will enough Americans wake up to the feckless idiocy of liberals’ response to terror? Let us know in the comments section below!!