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Fox News’ Tucker Carlson Scores $9 Million Book Deal

Fox News’ Tucker Carlson has had quite an exciting year since receiving his solo primetime show with the network. For three years, Carlson was a co-host on Fox & Friends Weekend before receiving his own weeknight show at 7pm, replacing Greta Van Susteren.

Carlson then moved to 9pm, after Megyn Kelly abruptly left the network in January to move to NBC News, but his time was short-lived, as he was recently named as the 8pm replacement for The O’Reilly Factor.

Since taking over for O’Reilly, Carlson has seen strong ratings in the timeslot, averaging more than 3 million viewers each night, proving that viewers are responding positively to his conservative viewpoint.

Now, it appears as though Carlson’s meteoric rise at Fox is paying off, as he has just landed a massive book deal, to the tune of $9 million for two books.

The Daily Caller, which Carlson helped establish, reports that Carlson’s book deal is with Threshold Editions, but it is unknown when these books will be published.

Since his show began, Carlson has had many epic battles with his liberal guests, all to rave reviews from his audience. Just over a month ago, he took on a professor who insulted America’s troops, and advocated for “white genocide.”

He also battled Democrat Congressman David Cicilline for calling on Attorney General Jeff Sessions to resign, but never asking the same of then-AG Eric Holder.

Check out this video of Tucker doing battle with an anti-Trump protester:

Are you a fan of Tucker’s? Will you read his books when they come out? Share your thoughts below!