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  1. Phyllis says:

    The liberal media needs to be put out of business. Whatever happened to researching a story and honest reporting. The media has become a joke and a purveyor of lies. It actually appears the liberal protesters and whiners over Trumps win have become totally deranged. The liberals and rinos in Congress are just as bad.

  2. poppDavid says:

    After all the fake news on this site, this story fits right in.

    1. Bruce says:

      you should go back to the Daily Show for your “news”, you’ll be happier there

  3. Leila says:

    Mr. Trump probably did those things. You people believe nonsense like “pizzagate’, but you refuse to believe a possibly true story.

    1. June says:

      Lelia -If you actually believe that story, then I’ll be delighted to sell you a great piece of ocean-front property in Montana- – I’ll even take you there to see it – -foolish child that you are.

  4. Robert says:

    I knew it was fake to begin with. Demcraps are low life scum bags that roll around in their own feces. Now that’s not fake news, that’s a fact.

  5. Harris says:

    How do these shameful excuses for human beings sleep at night? Liberal, leftist lunatics at it again. Desperately scrambling at the bottom of the cess pool in an attempt to keep America on the road to destruction. Prophesy on schedule!

  6. If CNN is willing to publish this crap, why don’t they publish the avalanche of filth tied to Pizzagate?

  7. Ilse says:

    The sad thing is that I know people who will believe it and pass it on regardless.

  8. CIA needs to be reprimanded! Conducting behind the scenes war against Trump. Mr. Trump already taken care of Buzzfeed and CNN. NINE days to go!

  9. Ronald says:

    The land of the offended, One Nation under Canada and above Mexico .

  10. Brad says:

    Is this story an attempt to distract us from the fact that the intelligence agencies said Russia has some dirt on Mr. Trump?

    He’s going to have to rely on the intelligence agencies, he should probably stop bad mouthing them.

  11. Desert Fox says:

    How much more disgusting can the MSM especially CNN and NBC get. They are the bottom of the barrel. Well, what can you expect from the low class no class demoncratic news. Donald, cut out all contact with any reporters (and calling them reporters is a stretch) from all media that will do nothing but denigrate you and your administration…..cut them off from any of your news conferences.

  12. Mike says:

    Gotta love the lame stream media – so damned desperate and pathetic. They make up fake news about Trumps sex acts while totally ignoring all of Bill Clinton’s – Clinton accused of rape/sexual misconduct by at least 16 women

  13. PeterPalms says:

    I do not think about nonsense like that

  14. Burnel says:

    This is an age old tried and true policy of Community Organizers.. If you have committed a crime, accuse your opponent of it immediately. Then when you are accused of it, you can say it was an accusation of revenge.

  15. June says:

    What does all this mean? The Communist Party of the United States has wanted to take control since way back in the 1920’s. They have been trying to elect and get party members into high places. For a very long time they made little progress. Back in the 1950’s there was much against them in the political arena. Slowly they worked to get members into the Democratic Party.

    I have watched over the years who they elected as Presidents. I am sure George Soros was watching too. He was waiting for the right candidate to come along. He found a struggling young Blackman name Obama. Who had been studying Communism from Alinsky. He undertook to help this young man to become what he is today. He moved him into the right circles of the Democratic Party. Suddenly this community organizer from Chicago rises up and is the center of political attention. It was not long afterwards He was a contender for the Presidency.

    At the same time the Republican had lost focus and the party elites offered up John McCain, a veteran and former prisoner of war from Vietnam. McCain did not resonate well with the people and was not a popular candidate. Even Sarah Palin could not help him. She herself was heavily condemned by the in the media. Sorry to say the media has always sided with the Democrat Communist.

    As the years passed they became more and more mouth pieces for the liberals and progressives. The Republicans then under the elites offered up Mitt Romney who quickly captured the Republican Presidential Nomination. Donald Trump tried to run but his campaign faltered and faded at that time. He did not give up. The Republicans lost to Obama in 2004 and in 2008. Now with nearly 8 years of hard socialism the communists had members and sympathizers in both Parties. Hard to tell where the Democrats and the Communists separate. They seem to be one in the same.

    The Democrats use the Communist Playbook exactly as it is written. Take control of the media. Place key members in high places. This Shadow Group that pushed Hillary’s campaign was started by Hillary under Bill Clinton. Hillary has a long History of problems: Whitewater; Vince Foster death; The Haitian Earthquake in 2010 the Clinton Foundation taking in hundreds of millions of dollars; Benghazi; Her ISIS donations to the Clinton Foundation; Her emails on her private server breaking security and the law. There is so much more. She wonders what went wrong? For a supposedly savvy lady she sure falls short.

    The Communists won’t rest. They will keep trying to take over the country. They will give Trump a very hard time thanks to the MSM and false news. There are many in the Republican Party who side with the Democrats. They vote with the Democrats. For 8 years I have watched the Republicans abandoning the good conservative principals our forefathers gave us. The Republicans are not the party of Lincoln or Reagan. I refuse to support them. That is why I donated directly to Donald Trump and refuse to support the MSM in any way.

  16. Scraping the bottom of the barrel with trashy news. Americans are NOT stupid and we would like our 1st Amendment rights to receive non-trashy fake news. Is mainstream media now the glorified Enquirer gossip tank?? Geez!

  17. Kurt says:

    Cnn, Msnbc, BuuzzFeed are all struggling to stay allive and no longer pertinent at ALL! Their days are Literally Numbered and they know it.

  18. Nicanor says:

    These miscreants that put out false info (fake news) should be sued and put in jail!!!!!!!!!

    1. Mike says:

      It’s the only way they can sell their rags – no one wants to read their opinions anymore and they are incapable of covering real news – that would be too much like work.

  19. Mike says:

    The left are still have trouble connecting the dots as the more fake news like this is put out there the more they are destroying themselves. Even reporting of fake news has become so obvious by the likes of CNN just stirring the pot as most people on either side of the aisle ignore it these days and even genuine news.

  20. Looneytoons says:

    This isn’t Nazi Germany as Trump implies. It is Czarist Russia shortly before the “October Revolution” of 1917 in which a small minority of the populace overwhelmed the White Army, killed the Czar and his family and turned Russia into the biggest Marxist debacle in the history of the world! The Marxists in the USA, led by Obama and his army of weirdos, is trying to do the same thing!!!

  21. Fred says:

    The media hasn’t accused him of anything. A retired British intelligence agent has a report stating that the Russians have disgusting video of Trump with Russian prostitutes while he was in Russia.

    1. Looneytoons says:

      According to reports I have seen, it wasn’t even a retired British intel agent. It was a group of folks on a blog site that wrote a story and the intel community glommed onto it without checking the facts!

    2. Looneytoons says:

      According to reports I have seen, it wasn’t even a retired British intel agent. It was a group of folks on a blog site that wrote a story and the intel community glommed onto it without checking the facts!

    3. LastTaxPayer says:

      Source? None??

  22. Ronald says:

    Well the liberal democrat party is off to races now….they run with any fake stores until they believe in their very fiber that it is reality. Such a disgust political party, how anyone could want theses lunatics running anything let alone a country….is beyond me?

    1. Junior says:

      Everything and anything that is truthful and logical is beyond dumb ass ignoramuses like you who voted for Chump. How do we explain a deviant pedophile pussy grabbing pervert as our president to the rest of the world? Our standing in the world will be lower than Chump’s IQ in no time. Thanks dumb hasses.

      1. LastTaxPayer says:

        As opposed to our current reputation after 8 yrs of Obumma. Worst administration for both Internation and Domestic Relations ever!!!

        Junior, Keep drinking the koolaide….You probably believed every word O said last night….

        WHAT A JOKE!!!

  23. The snowflakes- and I include the MSM in that desdription- are rapidly qualifying themselves as mentally derrainged. These hand-wringing attempts at slander are so transparent as to be laughable. . . no, as I said mental illness.

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