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President Trump to Hold Weekend Rally in Orlando, Florida

On Saturday, President Donald J. Trump is set to hold his first official rally since being sworn in as president. The president will travel to the Orlando-Melbourne International Airport for a 5pm rally to thank the millions of Americans who turned out to vote for him in November!

President Trump announced the event today:

Throughout the 2016 presidential campaign, Donald Trump held dozens of peaceful rallies across the country, energizing millions of Americans who had been ignored during the eight years of Barack Obama in the White House. While the liberal media tried to give Trump’s rallies a bad name by claiming they were full of violence, we now know that it was all a lie. Democrats were paying people to start violence.

And besides, Democrats and left-wing activists are known for violence and chaos. The Political Insider has extensively documented how the left “protests,” and it’s not pretty.

Just last week, a radical far-left Black Lives Matter protester was arrested for assault after joining other liberals in physically blocking Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos from entering a Washington, D.C. public school.

During President Trump’s inauguration festivities, far-left protesters set fire to a limo, started fires, tried to shut down Trump International Hotel, burned American flags, and vandalized property across Washington, D.C.

Several weeks ago, liberal rioters swarmed the campus of UC-Berkeley to protest a planned speech by conservative commentator Milo Yiannopoulos. The left-wing agitators set fires, vandalized buildings, and physically assaulted conservatives who were set to attend the event.

There are literally dozens of examples of unhinged leftists attacking Trump supporters, before and after the election. Here are just a view examples that show just how dangerous they are:

Given the left’s extensive history of engaging in violent protests and riots, it should be a nice change of pace to see peaceful Americans attend a pro-Trump rally in Orlando this weekend.

What do you expect to see at President Trump’s rally on Saturday? Will it be peaceful? Share your thoughts below!