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During Paris Remarks, Trump Keeps Media Detail in Windowless Room

Today, President Trump is in France, visiting one of America’s strongest allies, and getting prepped to celebrate Bastille Day. This national day of celebration is the near-equivalent of the 4th of July in America, as it represents the turning point in France’s struggle to overthrow the monarchy.  President Trump is especially excited about the military parade that will take place in Paris, which is one of the largest in Europe:

To kick-off his French visit, Trump gave some remarks at the U.S. Embassy to U.S. military members and their families in Paris.


But some people noticed something missing from this short speech: the lack of reporters!

There’s a special reason for this, and it turns out to be a really funny one! According to Brian Bennett of the LA Times newspaper, reporters were deliberately kept away from the speech:

So why would Trump keep the media penned up in a dark room while he delivered remarks to U.S. military members in Paris?

Well, the answer is obvious. The media is so focused on tearing our president apart, Trump wanted to spare the hardworking men and women of our armed forces the indignity of having liberal reporters running back and forth during the speech to spread more lies about the Administration.

If reporters want to report on the speech, they can watch it afterward.

Truthfully, I find it hilarious Trump kept the media locked up in a pen like a bunch of barnyard animals. If the media is going to swim around in mud and try to turn Trump into a dirty president, they might as well be treated like the pigs they are!



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