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Rasmussen Reports: Trump’s Approval Ratings Off Due to Neutral Respondents

There’s a huge problem with polls that show President Trump has a low approval rating.

If you listen to liberals, you’ll constantly hear about why Trump has the lowest approval rating of any new president. But you should take these polls with a grain of salt. Here’s why.

First, you must remember that these were the same type of polls that predicted a blowout victory for Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election – some estimated Hillary’s victory by as many as fourteen points not long before Election Day. The Telegraph reported on October 24th that “Hillary Clinton is so far ahead in polls that she ‘doesn’t even think about’ Donald Trump anymore.”

Oops. We all know how that turned out.

As we’ve documented in the past, the mainstream media’s polls tend to have skewed samples, oversampling Democrats relative to their share of the American population. More specifically, we found that mainstream polls over-sample an average of 29 percent more Democrats than Republican,s and the results end up skewing towards being anti-Trump. The result is that it robs Trump of about 8 points in his approval ratings, from 46 percent to 38 percent (at the time of reporting).

In addition to the skewed sampling, the media’s onslaught on Trump (with over 90 percent of mainstream media coverage being negative) has left the public a bit hesitant to declare their support for the president.

According to the Washington Examiner, “Rasmussen Reports, which was the most accurate 2016 pollster, questions on Trump often see a spike in those who check ‘don’t know.'”

The report continues: “Francis Coombs, Rasmussen managing editor, said, ‘In most surveys, you generally get 4 or 5 percent who say they are undecided, but if you ask about a controversial issue, particularly one involving Trump, that figure often jumps to the high teens — 17 percent or 18 percent. That tells me that a lot of those people agree with the president but just aren’t going to say it out loud.'”

Well well well, it looks like that’s another nail in the mainstream media’s polling coffin. If people are unwilling to acknowledge they support President Trump, they won’t get picked up in polls.

And as long as the media continues its process of interviewing more Democrats than Republicans, Trump’s support will go unnoticed. That is, until Election Day 2020!

Make sure you watch the following video on why the mainstream media’s polling is so inaccurate:



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