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American Flag Falls Onto Ground When DNC Leader Discusses Hillary

The Democrats are trying to re-build. It isn’t going that well. After an embarrassing defeat at the hands of Republicans and Donald Trump, the Democrats have been having a string of pity parties and riots to soothe their pain.

Even though the American people sent them a CLEAR message that the party needed to change, the Democrats pushed ahead with their establishment status quo. The Democratic National Committee installed Clinton and Obama lackey Tom Perez as the new chairman of the floundering party.

Poor guy is already off to a bad start. Even before he was elected, he admitted that the party stole the election from Sanders. After he got the position he was caught in an expletive-filled rant against Donald Trump and Republicans. Just this week, he was booed at a rally of Democrats in Maine. Adding to this embarrassment was something subtle but still a powerful metaphor of where the Democrats currently stand.

During an interview on MSNBC, Perez was asked what the party was doing to rally the base and win elections. Of course, the issue of Hillary and her emails came up, and then something terrible happened:

Of course, the party that refused to even put up the American flag at their own convention would do a horrible job and fail to properly hang our flag. I like to think the flag was so distressed at being at a Democratic rally and hearing Hillary’s name that it decided it didn’t want to go on any longer.

Why the flags were hung so haphazardly is anyone’s guess, but you can bet this would never happen at a rally for President Trump!



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