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Keith Olbermann Insults Ted Cruz and Children for Taking a Picture with President Trump

Keith Olbermann, who is apparently still famous, used to talk about sports.

But the former MSNBC host is a far-left radical, and he’s really bad at it. There’s a reason why he’s no longer on the air.

You have to see what he just said about Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) and his adorable daughters immediately after Cruz posted a picture of them meeting with President Donald J. Trump.

Cruz, his wife Heidi, and their children had dinner with Trump and First Lady Melania Trump while discussing the latest efforts in Congress to repeal Obamacare.

Here is Cruz’s Tweet. It’s adorable!:

But Keith Olbermann’s reaction is insane and unhinged!

Politicians share pictures of their family all the time. Why Olbermann used this moment to attack Cruz and his children is pathetic. Apparently, he doesn’t want to debate the issues and knows better about how Cruz feels about the tough Republican presidential primary than Cruz himself feels.



This is a low blow and disgusting. Olbermann owes Cruz and Trump an apology for this outrageous attack.

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