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Ted Cruz Exposed the Media for Their Anti-Trump Bias

Every hour of every day, the liberal media is working overtime to falsely connect members of President Donald J. Trump’s White House with Russia. In response, conservative Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) has a brutal response which puts everything into perspective.

This is the perfect trolling:

What video did Cruz link to? This infamous clip of former President Barack Obama:

My goodness, it sure sounds Obama had a friendly relationship with Vladimir Putin and Russian leaders.

But the liberal media didn’t care about this clip. Why? Because Obama was running against Mitt Romney at the time, so defeating Romney was all that mattered to so-called “journalists.”

Obama allowed Russia to take hostile actions in the Ukraine and elsewhere. And, not to mention, Obama’s Secretary of State Hillary Clinton made questionable deals involving uranium mining rights with Russia. Perhaps this is what Obama meant by post-election “flexibility.”

Why didn’t the media care about Russia in 2012? Thank you Senator Cruz for exposing this hypocrisy.



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