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Science: ‘Global Warming’ Did Not Cause Hurricane Harvey

In a world where literally everything wrong in the world is caused by “global warming” (at least according to one alarmist out there), you betcha Hurricane Harvey makes the cut.

I’ll begin by conceding that the alarmists are technically right about one thing, that higher temperatures do translate to more severe hurricanes. But temperature causing hurricanes? Not by a long shot. Even granting the premise that higher temperatures do make for more damaging hurricanes, we can look at temperatures in the week leading up to Harvey, and find them to have been barely above average.

According to climate scientist Cliff Mass (an avid defender of the “global warming” theory), while he looked at the data and found there’s been “modest” warming in the Gulf, temperatures in the week leading up to the storm were near normal.

Mass also found that hurricane season precipitation around Houston has shown, if anything, a slightly downward trend over the past 50 years, suggesting that global warming isn’t playing much of a role in the region’s rainfall.

Furthermore, as the Rebel Media points out, “in the real world, flood rescues are made possible by oil and gas. You can’t pull the National Guard out of a roadway-turned-raging river with a Prius.”

Watch their take below:



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