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  1. Carl says:

    The Democrats are blaming Trump because if they don’t find a direct tie to ISIS, then this man was a radical Democrat. There are pictures of him at Democratic protest of Republicans rallies. That would indicate that the Democratic Party and the media have been radicalizing the public. As the liberal press said twice, since they were Country Western fans, they were probably all just Republicans. But he ended up killing Republicans, Democrats, Independents, Blacks, Whites, Latino, young, old, people like an elementary school and a special needs teachers, off duty and on duty police. So when you start categorizing people and say that anyone in some category and deserves to die, especially if is because your party or politician didn’t win, that makes you a Fascist and fanatical in need of psychotic care at a minimum. As I hear, the note you all are speculating about contained the cold calculations of the velocity the bullets would have after traveling the distance. Do you really think that if you banned all guns, it would have stopped this wealthy man, especially when there is so much open boarder smuggling that you insist is great. When illegal aliens come over, they or the mob often use them as mules to help pay for the trip.

  2. Daniel says:


  3. Curtis says:

    Make NO mistake, this venue was not a random choice….

    Could this be him?

  4. Bernie says:

    He seems to have had an idiot, clueless gal pal. Of course she knew what was going on, just a front. I don’t think the old guy did it. He was dead before the terrorists came to his room and did their job in one sweep. Like the cover up with Kennedy shooter. We will never know when FBI shuts up so fast.

  5. Esau says:

    What do his computers and other devices tell us about his habits, thoughts, ideas, etc.?

    1. Esau says:

      Oh, and sweat that b!+ch, Marilou Danley.

  6. John says:

    A line from the acoustic version of the song, “it’s better to burn out than to fade away,” became infamous after being quoted in Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain’s suicide note.

  7. poppDavid says:

    The bast**d was from Mesquite, Nevada. Do you know where that is?

    Right next to the Cliven Bunny ranch. Do you suppose they played cards and talked about overthrowing the government?

  8. mesaman says:

    Hypotheses, assertions, opinions, or perceptions cannot replace facts in evidence of this shooter’s motives. Until indisputable evidence can place him in any terrorist cell, he will remain a psychopathic loner.

  9. The J Man says:

    More Investigating Needs To Be Done Before A Decision Can Be Made…We Will Know Soon Enough!!!

  10. Bob19006 says:

    How come 90+% of domestic mass shootings/terrorist attacks fall into 3 categories,
    (1) Radical Islamists who hate America
    (2) registered Democrats who are radicalized to hate America
    (3) Neo-Nazis who hate America

  11. Joe says:

    Anyone else hear there was more than one broken window and the possibility of at least one more shooter ? At one point in a video it sounded like 2 automatic weapons being fired at the same time.

    1. Mari says:

      Read my post at the very bottom Joe. Witnesses & police scanners reported multiple shooters & 4 windows were broken (two on the opposite side of building). In the recordings you definitely hear more than one gun going off. Also, now they’re up to 23 guns found in his room & he got them there without any security cameras or anyone noticing anything strange. A picture of Paddock dead with blood all over his face has been released but as someone else pointed out even that is strange because the police wouldn’t have released it themselves (husband is retired law enforcement) & they wouldn’t have let reporters in the room to film him. Likely leaked to make this story look good. Highly suspicious! Look at what I posted below especially the article from former CIA Robert David Steele.

  12. Radar says:

    Has anyone seen the body? Has anyone seen the place where he supposedly shot himself? It seem like he would have had a shootout rather than commit suicide? Why was people in his room eating days before this happened? This was a red light flashing and no one suspected anything? As much as they spy on us on the phones, no one knew this was going to happened?

  13. Timber says:

    First of all Trump isn’t going to prison. How stupid can you be! Unless you’re a Democrat and that would explain it. Secondly we are never going to know the truth about this psycho shooter because we have learned the biggest liars of all are the media and we have also learned the FBI has turned into an embarrassing arm of the law so forget ever knowing the truth. Just pray for the 50+ people who lost their lives and for their families.

    1. Radar says:

      democrats are complete morons.

      1. NEIL says:


        1. Mari says:

          Good ones! I call them Demonrat’s, Ovomit or Obozo & the Hildabeast! Seems pretty fitting & is certainly nicer than they deserve. Lol.

  14. Larry says:

    A closet raghead is certainly a possibility I wouldn’t rule out.And where in the Philippines is the girlfriend originally from? If she’s from Zamboanga or Cotabato, that would raise a big red flag because that’s raghead territory. The Abu Sayyaf has direct ties to al qaeda.

  15. Brenda says:

    I believe his girlfriend knows a lot more than she is saying right now!!! No one can live in a house or live with a man and not know what he is about, especially since he certainly had been planning this for a long time, buying guns, modifying them, and buying large quantities of explosives and other bomb making materials…!!!

    1. Radar says:

      The $100,000 will answer a lot of questions,,,,,,,,if they choose to let us know and not hide it.

      1. Joe says:

        “THEY” With the possible exception of our president, will say and do anything to keep this from being exposed as an Islamic terrorist act. Notice the attack is on “us” not “THEM”. The thing is, people who do this kind of thing WANT to be immortalized and made famous for their act, so of course, the evidence and explanation is out there, and very likely, if it was an Islamic attack, we will never know. Does anyone know where this guy worked? Where did his money come from?

  16. Hudson says:

    Suspected radicalization. These LEO’s should have started with that thought and worked their way out from there. They might have had this case solved already. But leftovers of the Obama administration in the FBI are trying to throw a monkey wrench into the works to keep it from causing any more harm to the feelings of their beloved muslims.

  17. remuda says:

    Where’d this guy get his original $$? Certainly ‘radical’ like many ‘progressive-obsessive- compulsive’ libs. Soros is behind this one too(?). I’ll wait for the final ‘hotwash’.

    1. Michael says:

      @remuda He made his money in real estate and the sale of a business he and his brother owned.

  18. kkat77 says:

    We cannot Blame anyone right now, except the shooter. He and only he was the one who fired those murderous shots on an unsuspecting crowd of innocent people. It is unreal that people are blaming the President, Conservatives, Conspiracies and NOBODY really knows until all the facts are in… Why is a disaster like this always an opportunity to push the blame on those we do not like or those who disagree with us? That evil man, Paddock, and only that man is responsible for this tragedy. IF there is a link to ISIS and or/terrorism of any kind, you can be sure the truth will be revealed through the investigation. Until then, can’t we all just pull together, pray together, and try to get along. The blame game is for children. Besides most people that blame others prematurely end up with egg on their face. So chill and let the facts tell the story. Just the facts!

    1. Johnny says:

      You really have faith in the same people that used to sent heavy machine guns to Mexico under orders directly from Barry Hussein Obama, our Muslim Mahdi Caliph of us?

      1. Radar says:

        And they were never charged for their high crimes.

  19. drbhelthi says:

    The sheriff´s comments, added to other incongruities, reminds of the involvement of the Connecticut state police, local police and city administrators assisting with the Sandy Hook hoax. This time, it appears that there are genuine deaths.
    The “body cam video” reveals gun reports from two sources, not just one rifle.

    1. adlerman says:

      It’s morons like you that have made America of shell of what it once was. There is no evidence of two shooters- one guy from two different locations- he emptied a gun and moved to the other location.

      Sandy Hooks hoax? So those parents buried their kids alive? or did they kill them and say a mass shooter did it? I can’t imagine being as dumb as you are.

    2. NEIL says:


      1. Mari says:

        And maybe you’re a bit clueless & believe the lies & propaganda on mainstream media! Perhaps you’re drinking too much of their Kool-aid. Wake up & start thinking for yourself dude instead of believing what “they tell you.” Just saying…

  20. Xander says:

    I would think it is as good a reason as any. What other could there be, unless just the onset of a psychosis?

  21. adlerman says:

    BS on the muslim connection. Just an attempt to deflect from the fact that a guy with no apparent
    reason other than to show it could be done killed 58 people and was the cause of over 400 plus injured people.

  22. Dennis says:

    There is a very good possibility that this guy was keeping company with ISIS but we will need more proof and relying strictly on the FBIs findings is not enough since the agency’s being politicized by Obama and Comey.

    1. adlerman says:

      dennis- there is no possibility of a muslim connection- this was a white mass murderer with no muslim connection. He had all the money he needed- do you think country music was just a coincidence or just fit his plan- would have really screwed us up if it had been a classical music concert.

      1. Johnny says:

        Most depressed folks usually just killed themselves, jump off the window…etc…Some are also sore to others and will kill a few before offing themselves…a few more will kill a lot more random victims before crapping off their brains…Also remain that general muslims will encourage that these massacres since Muhammad…think of the millions murdered that way…depressed folks told to go to Islam’s heavens by killing thousand victims…

  23. William says:

    people generally have a reason for shooting…something that bothers them or even some internal
    voice they hear…..not just shoot to be shooting….i bet he was radicalized

    1. Richard says:

      And ending tn suicide, along with all the fire arms in at least two locations and Fertilizer bomb materials.

      Right after it happened I thought “ISIS”.

    2. Radar says:

      He was an absolutely CRAZY. The antifa have the same mind set.

  24. Alicia says:

    Howcome police didnt say anything about the note before? Its clearly visible. hmmmmm.

    1. adlerman says:

      Alicia- I was able to get a copy of the note. It said don’t ever bring me cold bacon again.

  25. Edward says:

    Interesting the note is just coming out now. This guy bought guns in three states and had explosives, he was planning this for some time. More to this than the BS being put out.

  26. Rich says:

    One thing that may help to prove his state of mind and/or radicalization are the cameras.

    If they were WiFi equipped and/or linked directly to the Internet to document his atrocity and a Radical group shows up with the videos . . . that would seem like proof he was radicalized and demented.

  27. David says:

    Maybe, but I think/guess that he fits the socialized profile more. Like Hodgkinson that shot the Republican senator on the baseball field. Wanting to posthumously please their radical group – the Democrats. And they are sure having a field day with it.

    1. ironbiker says:

      Shooting into all those Republicans, he DAMN sure wasn’t a right winger,another lefty loon with ILLEGAL firearms…looks like all the gun laws didn’t matter did they,so make some more laws that will be broken…FOOLS!!!

      1. David says:

        Right. He was so worried about being a good law abiding citizen. So make some more laws in the heat of passion that will burden all the good guys and be ignored by the bad guys. Hello Chicago.

  28. Jerome says:

    So the Sheriff was finally told what to say I see.

    1. NEIL says:


  29. Jim says:

    With democrats so fast to jump on this I smell a rat. It has almost taken a year to find out the wasn’t any collusion between Trump and Russia yet in less than 24 hours they are sure ISIS had nothing to do with this. OMG this stinks to high heaven.

    1. Robert says:

      Danley has a niece who resides in Dubai, which is an islamic country.

    2. Edward says:

      Jim, right on point. Too much BS going around. What happened to the FBI background check when purchasing a fire arm? He bought 45 long guns in three different states and no one in the FBI smelled something stinking. In the hotel for 4/5 days and no one noticed anything, were all the weapons hidden that well that house keeping didn’t see anything? Something is smelling very bad.

    3. Susan says:

      Perhaps because both ISIS and ANTIFA took responsibility for it.

    4. adlerman says:

      No statement yet that there was no collusion between trumpers and Russia- that’s just wishful thinking on your part. Trump is going to prison. Send him some tips you learned from your time there.

      1. Philippe says:

        Dream on Troll.

      2. Roy says:

        Hey !Alderman!! You are a Fookin’ Idiot!

      3. NEIL says:



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