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‘Shark Tank’ Turns Down Farmer Johnny Before Getting a HUGE Deal

Johnny Georges, a smart entrepreneur and 2nd-generation farmer, appeared on ABC’s Shark Tank – a reality show – to explain his invention to America. And the results were incredible!

The invention “Tree-T-Pee,” is a simple device which sits at the base of a tree and saves farmers thousands of dollars on the cost of irrigation, in addition to fuel/electricity costs.

One of the possible investors had some tough questions, and slammed Johnny Georges for not raising prices on American farmers. But his response is beautiful:

I work for farmers. It’s what I do, and helping them helps us all.


It’s not about the money to me. It’s about doing what’s right.

Who can argue with that? Certainly not John Paul DeJoria, who jumped on board and offered $150,000 to buy 20% of his growing company.

When Johnny said that this Tree-T-Pee saves 3,000 percent on water, you only use one-30th the water, that’s when I knew this was good for farmers. It’s good for America. I want to be this guy’s partner.

And people on Twitter across America expressed their support for Georges!

You’ll be happy to know that immediately after that aired, he sold 56,000 Tree-T-Pees and is already an overwhelming success.

America was built on hard work and farming. Do you support Farmer Johnny Georges? Please share and Tweet his beautiful, 100% American message.