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  1. poppDavid says:

    You do realize that the unemployment rate in Seattle is 2.6% don’t you?

    While the unemployment rate in Houston is 5.3%

    Figure that out, I’ll wait.

    1. HOFFHACK says:

      First of all, Seattle has a population of 704,000….Houston is 2,300,000…..But they only count people who are still looking for a job thanks to Obama, They unemployment rate in New York is 5.7……..and the minimum wage in New York city is $11.00 and a population of 8,500,000……….YOUR POINT?
      ECONOMICS 101: there is only so many pieces you can cut a pie into! THE BIGGER YOU MAKE THE PIECES, THE FEWER OF THEM THERE ARE!

      1. poppDavid says:

        You never took Economics 101.
        If you had, you would recognize that it discusses micro economics, and that include a lot more than your pie analogy.
        A shift in the cost of labor will shift the supply curve which will change the point where the supply curve and the demand curve cross, but you cannot stop there. The increase in wages will also shift the demand curve because the workers now have more disposable income. The final result will depend upon more factors than you considered.

        It is nice that you wanted to study Economics, perhaps you should actually complete a few courses.
        I chose Houston because it is in a right to work state, and according to conservative economists it should have lower unemployment than the Left coast.

  2. quasimodo says:

    common sernse tells you that the added labor costs will be pushed off on the purchasing public. so they got the raise they wanted but the price of everything increased and they are left in the same place they started , unable to pay their bills! plus as an added bonus they are no in a higher tax bracket so more of their paycheck is withheld lol. why anyone would listen to an uneducated unskilled worker on issues that have to do with the economy i will never understand. t liberal politicans knew the monumental failure increasing the minimum wage would be but they went along and pushed it as part of their agenda to get the votes. liberals care about nothing but votes so they can eventually end up with a majority voter base and silence any opposition to their agenda. the liberal progressive politicians knew it would cost people jobs and people would still be unable to afford to live, but instead of dealing with the root of the problem, the 100$ inflation that occured under the obama administration on everything one needs just to survive from day to day, they jumped on the polular idea of people who dont know a damn thing or they wouldnt be working at mcdonalds. now you know the truth about a $15 minimum wage increase. now its time to make the liberal progressive terrorist party pay forlying to you and pretending a wage increase would end all your problems. the problem is not wage inequity, the problem is not a lower minimum wage. the problem is that because of obama and liberal progressive policies and regulations , the cost of food, housing, insurance, utilities and every thing else went up over 100%

  3. Jane says:

    Meet the new minimum wage employee!!!! Most of the fast food companies that used to be the starting place for teens to cut their teeth in earning a paycheck are cutting those jobs out and buying machines to take their place. Those machines don’t need breaks, insurance, overtime and do not complain because they got spoken to ugly. Those minimum wage workers forgot that the future is here and they are quickly becoming obsolete.

  4. Larry says:

    Get greedy, and end up with no job at all. STUPID! Soon all of the fast food joints will have those kiosks instead of a moron who can’t count change.

    1. HOFFHACK says:

      Currently, the cost of a Big Mac meal in Seattle is $5.00………Houston is also $5.00….and in New York City, where the Minimum wages is already at $11.00, a Big Mac meal is $8.00………but on Long Island, just a few miles away, it is $5.00 also, but the minimum wages is $8.75………and they want to make it $15.00? THE BUSINESSES WILL EITHER GO BELLY UP, OR LEAVE TOWN!

  5. LastTaxPayer says:

    Pay close attention folks — This is REAL ECONOMICS at work!! NOT some Ivory-tower egg-head professor thinking with his head so far up where the sun don’t shine, who has never held a real-world job, run a business, or “made that”!! You will probably never see this in MSM!!

  6. Harold says:

    Looking back on construction wages over the last forty years. Every time we got a raise the owners would come out and tell us they couldn’t stay in business unless production increased to cover the higher wages. I can remember when it took thirty electricians a year to build an eight story building. Today they do it with six and expect it done in three months or less. You were always behind and having to call the shop for more manpower to keep up with the unrealistic schedules. I don’t think the mostly uneducated minimum wage earners are too keen on working any harder or faster. And if you do manage to get higher wages then the cost of living goes up and you end up losing ground. As a first year electrician I earned $4 an hour and one weeks pay would cover my house note and utilities. When I retired at $25 an hour it would have taken two or three weeks pay just to make a house note. One or two weeks pay to cover the utilities. Here’s the real truth. If someone has the money to invest in a business it has to provide better income than just investing the money or the person with that money won’t keep that business going if he can make more income somewhere else. You don’t have the investors over a barrel. It’s their money and they’ll put it where it does the most good for them.

  7. evwimena says:

    As I remember from high-school…55 years ago, the buck or so per hour wasn’t paid
    to us to become professional minimum wage professionals. For some of us, military
    enlistment was a chance to be independent, and gain some type of training. Living
    with and being provided for by parents ( or parent) only gives a person basic living skills.

    If you are a person hiring for some company, and you have 100 folks of different genders
    and ethnicity standing in a group applying for a position / job, the question “who has computer skills”
    would probably prompt 70 or so hands to be raised. Another question could be ” who has some
    financial management skills.” Perhaps 20 of these folks with raised hands have these marketable
    skills. The remaining 10 folks aren’t offered employment, because most jobs that pay a better salary require some marketable skills.
    Why would these 10 people not considered NOT ask how they could become eligible for this
    hypothetical job ?
    Minimum wage suggests minimum skills…LOTS of folks have them.
    Would you go to a physician, an attorney, even your mechanic without adequate training ?
    The more you know generally allows you to obtain better employment.

    1. Anna says:

      So true… Here in Florida we pay 15.00 for a carpenter or skilled mechanic or plumber or electrician. 15.00 for a moron who basically punches pictures on a computer and could not never count change without the help of their cash register need marketable skills. Minimum wage is for a starting point not a career.

    2. Janet says:

      evwamina: Thoroughly agree with your post. It’s almost like getting “welfare” for not having the appropriate skills. My first part-time job was when I was 16 (after school hours). I was paid 75 cents an hour and promised a HUGE 25 cent an hour wage in three months. It was the month that the minimum wage went up 25 cents (not a raise; mandatory government law). Surprisingly, as a 16 year old, I was thrilled. I guess everything is relative!

  8. dynamo47 says:

    Obama and his cronies are glad this is happened, because it was part of his agenda to ruin our economy and the Dems and Libs followed along like lemmings right off the cliff. Only bad part about this is, BO is standing on the Cliff and laughing at them now that he and his family are very wealthy people. Man, did he take this country for a ride.

  9. remuda says:

    Minimum wage is for part-time work, & second jobs for ‘live-at-home’ kids who are in school or roommates sharing expenses. Never intended as a “living wage” for families, only as an entry-level pay to supplement other income. Hence, a failure as now promoted…and will continue to revert to its intended role. Ask me, bin thar…@ $2 hour (high pay for college job). Made more detailing cars in HS…and good at it.

  10. Eldon says:

    What they’re actually doing is creating a crisis for big government to swoop in and solve! Voila! Ya Can’t get the free money if you’re handling all the problems on your own, so, hey! Why not! Free money all around! First $15 an hr, then $25 an hr minimum wage and then huge federal payouts to bail out the mom and pop burger joints is just around the corner! Soon we’ll all be millionaires! Woo Hoo!

  11. Marilyn says:

    Hello, this isn’t a huge surprise, most people knew this is exactly what would happen! Washington state is full of all the California liberals now. Having grown up there it was a great place to live, but wouldn’t live there now for anything! Way too many liberals!!

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