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Rick Perry: We’re Going to Bypass Barack Obama and Secure the Border!

Governor Rick Perry of Texas takes illegal immigration very seriously. (See here and here.) As a border state, Texas faces overwhelming problems of increased crime and a strain on social services.

Now the Lone Star State’s Republican Governor Rick Perry says that once again the state may have to act on its own, with or without help or funding from the federal government, to secure its border with Mexico.

The transcript:

“We’ve been able to shut down illegal activities in certain sectors with our different operations that we’ve had,” Perry said on The Glenn Beck Program Thursday. “But I think there’s a point in time where you say, ‘You know what? This 1,200 mile border has to be secured.’ And if there is a people and if there is a place that it can happen, it will be Texas.”

Perry said that most have been focusing on the tens of thousands of unaccompanied children crossing into America when discussing the border crisis. And while he said what they are going through is a “tragedy,” it is important to remember that the children only make up about 20 percent of all the illegals flooding America’s borders.

“80 percent of those coming across, we don’t know who they are,” Perry said. “In Katy, Texas yesterday an individual was apprehended who had murdered an individual in Louisiana.”

The[y] also two discussed a 9-year-old girl who was recently molested by an illegal immigrant in Texas, and Perry said there have been roughly 3,000 murders by illegals in the past six years.

“That’s unacceptable, and that’s the reason that we have to secure that border,” Perry said.

Via The Blaze

As we saw in Murrieta, California, the Federal government has been placing ads asking people to house illegal immigrants. Unassumingly, this is to hide them in places where they are less visible.

But the crisis is real. Rick Perry is ready to take action and protect his state at any costs. Well done, Governor!