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What’s Your Reaction?


  1. Esau says:

    Judicial Watch will see about that.

  2. poppDavid says:

    You can thank George Bush for that law.

  3. carolanno says:

    Talk about collusion! The liberal left feels that they are impervious to the laws of our land. What hubris! I really expected nothing less.

  4. Clayton says:

    Obama has done everything he can to hide the information about himself, from the time he was born until now. You figure out if he is crooked, it did not take me long to figure it out and I am quite sure if we had all the proper legal documents Mr Obama would have several dozens of egg on his face.

    1. Alicia says:

      Yeah! obama and his sick communist ILK make he nauseaous.! Lying deceptive, vindictive, anti American criminals.

  5. Allan says:

    Time to take these people down.

  6. Lawrence says:

    I hope they are working on that right now!….Better President Trump, than waiting for Congress.Behead that snake Obumma and the swamp will begin to get cleaner quicker than even imagined.

  7. Emily says:

    Of course they were hidden for the sole purpose of them not being make public…just like Obama’s records are sealed …if there is nothing to hide why should they not be made public…that is who they belong too…most corrupt administration of my lifetime…

    1. Dean says:

      VERY TRUE, Emily.

  8. Desert Fox says:

    Start the process now on these felons. Is there a time limit that will give them a chance to escape any charges. Do it now and force the issues. The black muslim bastard (and he is–who’s your real daddy?) never answers and subpoenas. How does he get away with that. He was subpoenaed for the death of the choir boy from rev. (w)right’s church but never appeared. He was subpoenaed by the courts in Santa Ana, California and never appeared. Well, crooks protect crooks when their in the demoncratic family.

  9. LastTaxPayer says:

    WELL, isn’t that just rosy!!! OK, we’ll just have to hold those jail cells for your eventual occupancy!!
    President Trump can issue an Executive Order releasing these documents. It is time to expose completely OBAMA Administration’s to the cleansing light of day!! ALL of HIS corruption must be made public so that OUR NATION can move past this, and heal!!!

  10. Raymond says:

    IF the records contain him then it’s kinda obvious he was involved. Just as we suspected all along. Funny that the timing comes to the release won’t be until after the next presidential elections.

  11. Kim says:

    total crooks…it makes me sick and nobody can obtain the information for five years…

  12. William says:

    What a crop of horse droppings.

  13. Vicky O'Dell says:

    Duck and hide you will get your payback one way or another that being by the GOOD LORD ABOVE. AND THE JUSTICE

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