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Bill O’Reilly Returns With “No Spin News”

Bill O’Reilly has returned. And this time, it’s not just in audio form. He’s back on the screen, over at BillOReilly.com.

In “No Spin News,” O’Reilly revives his classic TV format. He goes over current events, and offers his always-pithy insight. He even has guests on, and gets into debates.

On the first edition of his new show, O’Reilly weighs in on North Korea’s provocations, and the recent FBI raiding of the home of Paul Manafort, an early Trump Campaign manager.

Bill wastes no time getting into the details of the news, but one thing stuck out during his commentary. Here is the summary from the website:

Here at home, it has been leaked that the FBI raided the home of former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort last month and carted off some material.  “I’ve always said,” Bill declared, “that if anyone gets hammered on this Russian investigation, it will be Manafort.  We learned today that the FBI conducted an early-morning raid on July 26th, the day after he testified in front of the Senate Intelligence Committee.  If I had to bet, I’d say he’s in some trouble.” 

Did you catch that?

Bill thinks Manafort’s in trouble and might have actually committed a crime. Now, Bill’s the master at parsing through the spin and the liberal narrative to get to the facts. Why does he think Manafort is guilty?

It alls comes down his foreign dealings with Russia and Ukraine. Bill thinks if the Trump-Russia investigation uncovers anything, it will be proof of Manafort’s guilt.

And that would be terrible for the president.

Once the Democrats have a smidgen of evidence, they won’t rest until Trump is out of office. It’s all very troublesome.

You can watch O’Reilly’s new broadcast here.



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