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What’s Your Reaction?


  1. William says:

    I believe Rice will talk to save her own butt. So we maybe getting something soon.

  2. Lucille says:

    Unmasking isn’t illegal if authorized it was the LEAKING that was the crime and someone from the Obama inner circle was the one who leaked and why did a un-Ambassador have access to unmasking? We all know that Susan Rice is going to say it was a matter of national security, but we all know that is a lie but we will never be able to prove that unless someone else rat her out. We will see starting on the 8th.

  3. Alicia says:

    She is a pathetic liar! How can anyone come out on PUBLIC }tv and say over and over that the Benghazi massacre was due to a VIDEO?????I hope she signs like a little bird and gets thrown in jail with hitlery and obama who pushed the SAME OUTRAGEOUS NARRATIVE!

  4. Marilyn says:

    Obama’s former staff are all a bunch of lying criminals who should be tried for the crimes they’ve committed. Can we say TREASON and Sedition???

  5. Brian says:

    OH so the fascist right wants to know about LEGAL “unmasking”, a practice that has been going on for centuries, a practice that is legal in every sense of the word. What a sad joke the right has become. relying on lies for their foundation and intent on destroying America. ALL members of the fascist right should be immediately rounded up and exiled to Russia.

  6. william says:

    Until someone goes to jail, nothing will happen. All you’ll hear is all these blowhards just yapping their jaws. One good example: Hillary Clinton. She’s till out and about crying about how she lost and how she’s done nothing wrong.

  7. Ronald says:


  8. Frank says:

    Yes I do and if any or all are arrested the circus the DNC keeps alive will only create further nation wide by the snowflakes. Toooooooooooooo bad, so sad. Perhaps then they (snowflakes MSM) will get their heads out of Obummers ass.

  9. Willard says:

    Everything depends on what evidence they get from the agencies that have to testify! If they plead the 5th, before Congress, they can be held in contempt and put in jail until they answer questions that were asked. The GOP is probably split evenly between support and nonsupport. Those who support POTUS are the ones who stand to lose in Midterm elections and those who won’t support POTUS are the Swamp Dwellers he has vowed to Drain. So it is a toss up on anything worthwhile being accomplished. Sad!

  10. George says:

    If this is not exposed, it bodes ill for the future of the country, because it means that the deep state has the power to cover up anything it chooses to. The government is, in a practical sense, no longer governed in its actions by force of law. It is corrupt to an excessive degree, that is impeding its prime function – which is to act on behalf of the people, not on behalf of itself. It is too big, and exercises too much coordinated control. It should not be colluding internally, but should operate with checks and balances that stop an excess of power from accumulating in one branch. The checks and balances only work when there is an adversarial relationship between the branches – not when the branches collude for their own benefit. The government is now a separate and hostile power acting against the interests of the citizenry. Taxes and overreaching legislation and regulations are clear evidence of that hostility. Too much government!

  11. Brenda says:

    i think this will be the beginning of exposing hillary obama podesta, bill, jeffery epstein of child traffcing out of white house , we will see who(obama) killed judge scallia, who killed seth rich shawn lucas,, john ash, charlie tri, victor thorne, laura peterson, we will see many indictments for all these serious murders, have a feeling once hillary is indicted she will over drink herself to escape court indictments and prison time she is a coward

  12. Paul says:

    Is there anyone else who is sick of these “panels” which are nothing more than partisan posturing as I am… Nothing but nothing ever comes of this gross waste of time… Get the grand juries up and running.

  13. Oldretired says:

    Should they? Absolutely if facts determine that they were at the primary reason of the unmaskings. Will they? Highly unlikely. They will be given top cover by the senior Dems who will blame it on Trumps supposed involvement with the Russians. Bottom line in this journey. The public will know little more at it’s end than they do now. Democratic confusion, disinformation, lies, made up stories, and distractions will result in absolutely nothing being done except for a lot of wasted time by the people we sent to DC to fix things and put our country back on track. Of course it will all be blamed on Trump and they’ll proclaim his first yr a total failure.

  14. Ronald says:

    The most popular comment made by these folks will be, “on the advice of my attorney I am taking the 5th so as not to incriminate myself”. Will be interesting to see what the Los Vegas odds are!!

  15. Desert Fox says:

    Do you really think the crooked demoncrats will be charged…..did you read the article about obama’s 30,000 force that they are using to attack and destroy anything connected with President Trump and his administration?????? Corruption in both the GOP and the Demoncrats is being unveiled by this administration and they are all running scared. The strings to the purses of the lobbyists are being cut and the corrupt elected officials are afraid they may have to go to work to earn a living…..and of course they don’t want to work for the America People. Mr. President please continue to clean the swamp.

  16. Mike says:

    While they have her on the stand I hope they ask Rice how she managed to put together a $40,000,000 fortune – mostly from dealings with Iran.

  17. Davison says:

    This will probably be just another show and tell exercise in futility. The Obama team will simply plead the 5th as they will not risk lying, which they have to do to as lying to congress is a felony. I also believe that it is true you are allowed to take the 5th when being questioned by congress. However, congress can jail you until you answer. Taking the 5th is a form of contempt. Contempt of Congress is a felony. I’m quite sure that Jeff Sessions and company know exactly how to handle this.

  18. Duane says:

    Obama filled the government with hardcore liberal hacks/traitors. Also most of the GOP hates Trump as well so nothing will happen. No one will testify against a liberal in power because they will end up dead. The Clinton’s hammered that point out for a couple decades.

  19. Johnny says:

    No they want do anything to them. It is a known fact and if every single American will tell the truth knows it, Democrats have gotten by with murder. They are a bunch of high class crooks and the # 1 crime syndicate in the United States.They are a DISGRACE to the United States of America!!!!!

    1. Karen says:

      Not so high class.

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