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  1. carolanno says:

    It clearly was a setup by the Dems/left. For all their money, the Trumps are clearly not ready for the sleezy goings-on of the Swamp. Hope it is a lesson learned. Remember, we are dealing with the Clintons/Soros group and they have deception down pat. I am amazed how everyone, including the Republicans, is turning a blind eye to the Clinton dealings that have gone on for decades! Hillary is like the Phoenix…she keeps rising from the ashes. GO AWAY HILLARY/BUBBA!!!

  2. Kim says:

    put this freak Obama before the courts…he new all along what he was doing…p.o.s.

  3. Marinella Lorigo says:

    Time to get them all, Did L.L break the law letting a RUSSIAN IN WITH OUT A VISA?????????

  4. Desert Fox says:

    We have got to end the BS from the demoncrats. Let’s start investigating them, charging them, and prosecuting them.

  5. Ursula says:

    The comments below are way out of line and absolutely stupid but what can one expect from libturds

  6. HAHAHAHAHAHHA! Made up “news” from the irrelevant Political Insider.

    “Rusty” the featured writer is pooping out his butt again and calling it “news”

    Donald Jr fu*ked up… again!

    1. john says:

      hillary piss off.

  7. Mike says:

    When the hell is President Trump going to sign and executive order to have the entire upper echelon of the Obama Administration (Obama crime ring) investigated and all of their emails turned over to the justice department?

    1. Never, because Trump and Company are NECK DEEP in their own collusion sh*t.

    2. Trump didn’t drain the swamp… Trump increased the swamp with his own poop.

    3. You are FIRED Donald Trump Jr!!!

      Donald Trump Jr! — What a pushover. What a tool.

    4. Desert Fox says:

      The DNC has refused to turn over their computers to have them investigated….why? What are they hiding?

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