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  1. Larry says:

    Those worthless overpaid jackasses disrespect our veterans, flag, and country, and they can all eat my turds. My dad and uncles all fought for this country in WW2, and they and all vets deserve to be honored. Piss on the stinking National Felon League.

  2. John says:

    At this point, you can be on the NFL team or the team represented by the Flag and the Anthem.
    If you have an agenda you want to sell, pay for it like Pepsi does. That flag and song represent the people, not Trump, the police, or the US government.

  3. dynamo47 says:

    Lebron James tried to recant his racist statement when he said today, ” it’s not about disrespecting the flag and military.” Well bubba, I disagree with you. This is not about ones rights to protest and verbally say what you think is wrong, or right, in our nation. I think everyone understands our 1st amendment rights. This is about people, athletes like you, imposing your feelings that are politically driven on an entire nation of people that at least half of the electorate disagree with your narrative. You and your fellow athletes take this nation and the people in it for idiots. When you look into history and read, I re-Emphasize read, about how well we have done in the last 100 years with regards to race relations, I think you will realize that Dr. King knew how to protest. He brought us together, never divided us. The alternative to your wrongful protests is to first realize that there are factions that are tearing us part. As a Veteran, I am disappointed that your generation is choosing to disrespect us, as they did in the past. Will you ever understand who protects your rights of freedom.

  4. Cindy says:

    The election of President Trumphas revealed so many things, i.e. the hatred of our country by the Liberals, the hatred of our country by Hollywood, the lack of appreciation of our country by athletes and teams that we have loved over the years.,etc.etc.etc. The thing that the voters have sadly learned is that our representatives in Washington, do not care one ioda about us.

  5. One last thought here. These are physically strong young men on these teams. Why not reinstitute the draft and draft every one of them and send them into battle? Why don’t we see what kind of stuff they are made of? Do you suppose most of them could pass an off-season drug test?

    1. ksate says:

      I couldn’t agree more, judy. It’s time to bring back the draft to start teaching the next generation what our country really stands for. Obviously, parents aren’t teaching these kids respect of any kind. The military does.

  6. I started writing this while ago, and I said a lot at that time. I really hope that my comments written then will somehow post themselves here. I am so blessed to be an American. I don’t give a flip about race nor about racist comments some have made. I wish the President had not said what he said Saturday night in Huntsville using the words he used. Oh, I’m very glad he said the essence of his comments, just his style and that name which is so widely used now. It is just not anything for anyone to ever say anywhere under any circumstances. He probably sees a need to teach these guys things that their parents should have taught them from the cradle on up until they left home. Apparently they didn’t. I was blessed to have a veteran of both World Wars I and II as a father and a mother whose patriotism had been instilled in her long before she ever met this veteran. You stand erect, face the flag, join in the singing if the anthem is being sung and stand quietly if it is not, and salute the flag from the drum roll through “the home of the brave.” You don’t wriggle, shift your weight between your feet, or lean against anything. As a teacher, I always told my students that our nation does not need weak people who need to lean against their desks (unless, of course, they are physically unable to stand) during the hearing nor the singing. You focus your eyes on the flag and your mind on your thankfulness that you are an American.

    1. My earlier comments seem to have just blipped off into cyber space.

  7. Sam says:

    GOD BLESS VILLANUEVA. Curious…did any of the kneelers ever serve this country? They are all lambs following the Judas goat. (look it up).

    1. LIVE FREE says:

      Most of these morons were the privileged college athletes who couldn’t put pen to paper to pass a basic English exam and were allowed to graduate because they could play football. Who cares about these fidiots? Not me. JUst stop watching. How many liberal democrats own teams?

  8. Sue says:

    To the 7 teams that stood, I salute you! To the rest of you NFL players that sat, kneeled or stayed in the locker room you all can go straight to hell! You morons are being paid a ridiculous amount to “play a game” not risk your life like our military, police & firefighters do every day. You just spit in the face of all the true American heroes you spineless crybabies!

  9. Doug says:

    I have been a fan of Miami since Shula started after leaving the Colts and I am not happy.

  10. Sue says:

    I also wrote a not so nice letter to the NFL & the Seattle Seahawks who USED to be the team I supported. While it likely won’t do any good I am glad I got it off my chest. These spoiled, over-paid morons are lucky to be living in a country that pays them the ridiculous amounts they are paid while other true heroes (veterans, current military, police, firefighters, etc.) are paid little to risk their lives but do it daily. The unpatriotic, anti-American, disgraceful attitudes of these NFL players is appalling & I will NEVER watch another NFL game again! I hope their attendance & ticket sales suffer for this! I told them they can all go straight to hell!

  11. AngB says:

    I keep seeing comments that some Vets support this. I suspect many of those comments are left by the low life, PAID FOR trolls.

    Any Vet who say they support this, is a disgrace! I have NO respect for them AT ALL. NO doubt they’re liberals who ALSO SUPPORT our military being forced and BURDENED to accept these mentally ill “transgenders” that enlist to get their HUGELY EXPENSIVE OPERATIONS done for free! Oh if you say you don’t have a problem with that…those people never see action! No when they’re “transitioning” they have to NOT exert themselves, not strain themselves, be CAREFUL. So if they’re in for 2 or 4 years they WON’T be doing ANY fighting or defending. So DON’T fall for this “they want to serve their country BS”.

    I know POTUS did away with this but the Pentagon….the PENTAGON….is fighting this! Can you BELIEVE the liberal left CRAP Obama put in our government? It’s going to take years to weed them all out.

  12. john says:

    My wife and i were on holiday in March this year in Vegas and went to a nascar event and we stood for your anthem as it is the right thing to do (we are English) these supposed “sports men” are vile scumbags as can be should be sent back to where their ancestors came from if they have no respect for the USA MAGA.

  13. Scott says:

    What about fans who kneel in solidarity?

    1. Sue says:

      What about them Scott? They’re just as spineless & anti-American as the other idiots who kneeled or stayed in the locker room.

    2. LIVE FREE says:

      how about deportation? Or perhaps exile would be a better term. Let them play in Somalia or Venezuela.

  14. Scott says:

    I wrote a not-so-nice email to the NFL Players Association – their contact information is easily found on-line – and let them know what I thought of their bratty, childish behavior. While those punks play a child’s game 6 months a year and get rich doing it, we NORMAL people work our butts off, serve our country (as I, my son, my dad, and generations going back to the Revolutionary War have done) and love the United States. It’ll be a cold day in hell before I watch that bunch of spoiled monsters again, and I let them know it. Biting the hand that feeds you is never smart, but who called this pack of brain-dead ghetto thugs smart anyway? Goodbye, NFL! Hope you sink quickly – you deserve it!

  15. remuda says:

    This whole thing is good. It will show the self-leveling spirit of the American Patriot once
    demonstrated in 1776…and here again. We are in the midst of the major spiritual enlightenment
    that will solidify our respect for the sacrifices made by our warriors, both at home and “over

  16. Johnny says:

    The way I see it these ball players are nothing more but attention getters. They could care less about the National Anthem, the Flag, the soldiers who died for this Country and the Freedom for all these ball players. This is a ball game, that’s all, War is no game, it’s reality, the real thing where you put your life on the line day and night for month’s and month’s. All these ball players and many of the American people do not have their priorities in order at all.Countries like North Korea, Iran and Russia are watching this kind of crap and seeing how weak the American People are. They are making FOOLS out of themselves on national tv for the whole damn world to see.

    1. Carol says:

      Right on Johnny
      Let the go live in North Korea
      Tired of these People tired of Hollywood nuts
      Over paid athletes

    2. Scott says:

      You’d be surprised how many vets support the players.

      1. Sue says:

        Maybe but there’s just as many veterans who don’t support this crap! It’s a slap in the face to them!

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