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  1. Ivanka Frump says:

    WHOO_HOO! Trump is NO Republican. He is going to ADD to the national debt.

    1. Marilyn says:

      Shut the hell up Sue Everson, you are a complete ignoramus & if you don’t know what that is lol in the dictionary & it’ll have your pic on it. Sue Everson (aka jeansandsh*tforbrains aka Marilyn Monroe aka Ivanka Frump). Go check yourself in to the mental hospital!

      1. Marilyn says:

        Look not lol, although you are pretty funny!

      2. Ivanka Frump says:

        Why are you so angry!? Why do you consistently get my name wrong!? Why do you insist on being my stalker… even though you are wrong on everything about me. Am I White, Black, Asian, Mixed? Are you in love with me? Sad.

        I am your neighbor. 🙂

        1. Marilyn says:

          I doubt ANYONE is in love with you Sue & your picture that you bragged about Lina taking is on your site for anyone to see. It wouldn’t take a rocket scientist to tell you are white, ignorant but white. I also haven’t gotten your name wrong one time, everyone knows it is you Sue. Changing your name changes nothing, you still say the same 2nd grade babble all the time. As for stalking you it’s no more stalking than what you do to everyone who posts here. You’re not my neighbor either as I don’t live anywhere near Elgin Illinois, or YOU thank God! Why don’t you just find a libturd site to post your nonsense on & stay off this site? WE ARE ALL SICK OF YOU SUE!

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