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Mitt Romney To Run for Senate in Utah If Orrin Hatch Retires

Mitt Romney may have suffered a crushing defeat to Barack Obama in 2012, but there was a silver lining in that Obama’s legacy paved the way for the current Republican domination. Under Barack Obama’s watch, Democrats were crushed electorally, suffering a net loss of 1,042 seats at the federal and state level. And that doesn’t include the presidency, plus almost every special election held during President Trump’s first term.

Heck, even when Democrats aren’t running in elections, they’re still losing. Back in August, West Virginia Governor Jim Justice switched parties from Democrat to Republican, though I guess it’s not all that surprising that a coal billionaire realized the Republican Party is better for his state.

Perhaps looking to capitalize on the trend, Mitt Romney has returned. According to the Daily Caller, the failed two-time presidential candidate and former Massachusetts governor will run for Senate from Utah in 2018 – but only on one condition.

Romney will run only if Senator Orrin Hatch retires. Sources close to Romney confirmed this to the publication “Utah Policy.”

While Hatch, a seven-term senator, has yet to decide whether or not he’ll be running again in 2018, he did indicate back in March that he would be willing to step aside if an “outstanding person” was to run. He mentioned Romney by name as an “outstanding person.” Meanwhile, back in March, Romney made it sound like he was open to running for office again. Right after mentioning a 2018 Senate run in an interview, he said, “I don’t have any predictions on what I might do. I’m not going to open a door and I’m not going to close a door. All doors are open.”

Needless to say, there have been mixed reactions to the Romney run rumor. Similar to how Democrats want Hillary Clinton to go away because she couldn’t beat Trump, many Republicans feel the same way about Romney and his loss to Obama. Plus, Romney is no friend of President Trump, meaning he may vote more like a Democrat. Remember: He is the man who signed into law the health care bill in Massachusetts that Obamacare is modeled after.

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