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  1. drbhelthi says:

    Establishing a PAC for Republicans is a wise move, to assist with funding of supporters of president Trump´s “drain the swamp” goal. Care should be exercised to insure that funds are not provided to any of the long-term stooges of either Bush Sr., Bush Jr., or alias BHObama. Bush Sr., emeritus CEO of the Republican Party, crawled out of the background, Oct-Nov, 2016, to announce that he planned to vote for Democrat, Hilary Clinton, revealing his deceptively evil nature. The story of secret FBI agent, Darlene Novinger, who observed Bush Sr. to receive a personal stash of cocaine in the White House, while VP to Reagan, further reveals sinister GHWBush. The history of the sinister Bush family is provided at http //www thelibertybeacon com/2014/12/14/4-generations-of-treason-the-royalnazizionistbush-connection/

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