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  1. drbhelthi says:

    Establishing a PAC for Republicans is a wise move, to assist with funding of supporters of president TrumpĀ“s “drain the swamp” goal. Care should be exercised to insure that funds are not provided to any of the long-term stooges of either Bush Sr., Bush Jr., or alias BHObama. Bush Sr., emeritus CEO of the Republican Party, crawled out of the background, Oct-Nov, 2016, to announce that he planned to vote for Democrat, Hilary Clinton, revealing his deceptively evil nature. The story of secret FBI agent, Darlene Novinger, who observed Bush Sr. to receive a personal stash of cocaine in the White House, while VP to Reagan, further reveals sinister GHWBush. The history of the sinister Bush family is provided at http //www thelibertybeacon com/2014/12/14/4-generations-of-treason-the-royalnazizionistbush-connection/

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