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Mike Pence Booed And Lectured By Cast At Broadway Show


Mike Pence, our Vice President-Elect decided to spend a night out with his wife and see the acclaimed and (surprisingly Pro-America) Broadway musical Hamilton.

Hamilton is the story of Founding Father Alexander Hamilton. What makes the show unique is that most of the songs are “raps” and the roles of founding fathers and colonial Americans is mostly played by Latino and African American actors. My wife and I have listened to the show several times. It is actually a great story about the hard-work and grit of our Founding Fathers and how special this great country of ours is.

But after what happened last night to Vice President-elect Pence, I am severely re-considering my fandom:

Via Yahoo News:

After acquiring one of the hottest tickets in town, Pence was being seated in the orchestra section when the crowd began to loudly boo the Indiana governor.


And it gets worse. At the end of the performance the cast came out and decided it would be a good idea to LECTURE Vice President-Elect Pence:

As many commentators are pointing out, this is only going to help Pence and anger real Americans:

And of course it exposed the RAMPANT liberal hypocrisy of the Left:

Will you be boycotting Broadway? Or are they justified in their actions? Share your thoughts.

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