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Michael Moore Calling On People To “Disrupt” Trump’s Inauguration

Michael Moore, “documentary” filmmaker and left-wing activist is not OK with Donald Trump being elected President. This is in stark contrast to his loud endorsement/prediction that the working class of America would come out in droves to vote for Trump. This turned out to be the case, as Trump broke the record for most votes ever received by a Republican nominee for President.

But Moore is still displeased. Trump actually winning the Presidency has him going back to his normal leftist and unhinged self.

Moore has issued a major threat to Donald Trump and his inauguration, and this is something that must be taken seriously!

“Disrupt”? What does that mean? Frankly, this sounds like Moore is calling for violent protests. Can you imagine if someone said this about Hillary’s inauguration? There would be wall-to-wall coverage and calls for Trump to “condemn” this “violent rhetoric.” I guess the silver lining is that no one takes Michael Moore seriously. Let’s hope. Even still, there should be heavy security at the inauguration to guard against any radical leftists bent on destroying our great country!

Equally unhinged, Moore is calling for Democrats to “obstruct” Trump because they represent the “majority” of Americans. Yea, right…

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