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Did Michael Flynn Leave a Secret Message in His Resignation Letter?


After asking Michael Flynn to resign, President Trump defended his former National Security Adviser as a “wonderful man” and blasted the liberal media for its treatment of him.

Earlier today, The Political Insider reported on Lieutenant General Michael Flynn’s resignation as President Trump’s National Security Adviser and the president’s subsequent response.

The liberal media has been out to get Flynn ever since it was revealed he had conversations with the Russian Ambassador in December of 2016, and failed to properly inform Vice President Mike Pence about the substance of those conversations.

General Flynn officially submitted his letter of resignation on Monday night, and immediately people started to notice something that is likely to enrage both the liberal media and Democrats.

Here’s Flynn’s full letter of resignation:

Michael Flynn Resignation Letter by PaigeLavender on Scribd

After examining Flynn’s letter, two glaring things stand out. First, his strong rebuke of the liberal media over their characterization of the events leading up to his resignation. Flynn describes his calls with the Russian Ambassador as “standard practice in any transition of this magnitude” even though the liberal media has incorrectly suggested such communications violated the Logan Act, which FBI and Justice Department officials insist is wrong.

Second, Lieutenant General Flynn destroys the failed Obama legacy on foreign policy, which has been totally ignored by the media.

In his letter, Flynn explains that President Trump has “reoriented American foreign policy in fundamental ways to restore America’s leadership positions in the world.” The Obama legacy is one of total failure, which Americans rejected wholeheartedly in the presidential election.

The liberal media has been doing everything within its power to destroy this administration, whether it be hysterics over Kellyanne Conway and her comments about Ivanka Trump’s clothing line, or the incident with Michael Flynn. Rather than caving to the left, Lieutenant General Flynn’s resignation letter is a strong rebuke to both the liberal media and the Democrat Party, which is a strong sign that Trump’s staff has his back.



What are your thoughts on Flynn’s resignation letter? Do you agree that there was a hidden message? Share your  thoughts below!