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What’s Your Reaction?


  1. William says:

    She was doing good as far as I could tell and then she started to go down hill after her run against Trump. Made her own bed.

  2. Ben says:

    Anyone who signed this b!tch to a contract is dumber than she is. Now pay her off and fire her liberal a$$.

    It is my personal belief that at $10 a BJ she could make lots of money on the street.

  3. quasimodo says:

    couldnt happen to a bigger biotch. what comes around and does around eventually and she is getting her pay back for all the trouble she has caused!

  4. Xander says:

    Megyn was a Libidiot mole planted on Fox.

  5. duane.p says:

    I have never liked her as I consider her a fake news advocate as she just wants to be first with a story whether it is true or not. Fox was smart in getting rid of her as like Trump said she bleeds from everywhere.

  6. Marilyn says:

    She’s not worth 15 million any way you look at it. If she wants to be taken seriously she should dress in business attire when she meets important people like Putin instead of dressing like a sleezy hooker. Not impressed with her one bit!

  7. ABU says:


  8. LastTaxPayer says:

    Too Bad, Soo Sad!! BooHoo, Megan!!!

  9. Marcia says:

    She may be the straw that drops the camels back for NBC. Too funny, $15 million? Too bad NBC. TELL THE TRUTH and you may gain an audience again, but not if Megyn is there.

  10. no-mo-libs says:

    The question is is NBC finished. No one in today’s media will dump their ‘star female’ host/reporter/talking head cause they know that the entire women’s movement will descend on their laps and haul them to court. So this host will continue, maybe at 11:45pm, but will NBC be there for her show to air?

  11. Pixel says:

    If she continues her present tactics, she will conducting her next interview without the benefit of any clothing.

  12. BlueEyedAl says:

    How much of that $15 million does she get if fired? I’d put her on at 3 AM.

  13. Ron says:

    Yea!! Money hungry!!

  14. Larry says:

    Another once good and respected journalist down the drain by wandering to the left.

  15. Ann says:

    Anybody in their right mind would be more than happy with 15 million. Retire out and spend the time with those kids and the husband.

  16. Earl says:

    I was once a loyal fan of Megan Kelly’s show on Fox news. However, she turned from being respectful and loyal to her fan base to a journalist who would do whatever seemed to draw the most attention to herself. I don’t have any respect for NBC News as they are so liberal and bias as to what they report that it a waste of time to watch their newscast. Instead of reporting they are all about finding anything that supports their narrative on a news item. I want the news not an indoctrination. Right now, I feel like the networks and their reporters like Megan are about one main objective, to destroy President Trump and his ability to put in place the will of why the American people elected him Shame on them.

  17. Megyn Kelly is an embarrassment to any media station. She has no class or loyalty to anyone. She should get a job where she doesn’t have to deal with anyone personally. How about a short order cook.

    1. Marilyn says:

      How bout a hooker?

  18. Pauline says:

    I was a Kelly fan for a long time and set my dial to watch her every evening. But when she chose to
    try and tank Trump and deliberately set out to disrespect him I said no more. For me she was toast and I never watched her again. I felt betrayed as a follower of hers. I did try and watch her interview with Putin but it was so lackluster that I only watched for about 10 minutes. I will probably never watch her again. To me she is too “full of herself”. The only news I actually watch anymore is basically Hannity as I know I can trust him. I gave up watching anything on ABC – CBS or NBC as they do not report the news honestly and with integrity. I NEVER DARKER THE DOOR OF CNN and I never will.

    1. labrat says:

      Check out OAN. Reports the news the way it should be reported, without all the opinions.

  19. I’ve never seen such buyer’s remorse this early in the game. Kelly wanted more time to spend with her family, but how can that happen when she’s diddy-boppin’ around the world doing interviews? Seems she’s traveling more and has a daytime show AND night time weekly show that surely can’t be giving her more time for family. She should have taken Fox’s $25 million…at least she did the nightly show and didn’t have to travel. She was home in the mornings to see her kids off to school. That’s not going to happen once she starts the daytime show!

  20. George says:

    Really Now, who should even care. The American Public should ignore 90% of what the media is trying to feed us. They are still tied to the Dumbocrats who want to continue the destruction that Obummer started in his goal to end The US as a Nation with the freedoms we cherish. His goal was and still is the New World Order that is heading this country to a disaster of outlandish proportions. He never was a leader for the US but a foot soldier for the enemy.

  21. Janet says:

    There are so many “sensational” programs; groups; comments and missed opportunities to be positive, I think all of them have been used and people are tired of constant bad news, particularly negative, opinionated comment with no factual basis. Time to move forward! Kelly is no longer a respected journalist!

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