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Underage Malia Obama Attacks White House Reporter at a Bar

She doesn’t start at Harvard until the fall, and Malia Obama is making the most of her year off – traveling the world and partying.

She is President Barack Obama and Michelle Obama’s oldest daughter, and was spotted by a conservative White House Reporter at an exclusive New York Club, the Parlor.

Malia is 18, but was spotted at an event that is for 21-and-over attendees only.

Malia spotted Gateway Pundit’s White House correspondent Lucian Wintrich and immediately confronted him!

Wintrich wanted to take a picture, which bothered her. She immediately got into the reporter’s face and screamed, “If you wanna have a conversation, let’s sit down. Let’s have a real conversation!”

Wintrich agreed, and she reportedly responded by saying, “I think you are disgusting!”

He noted that multiple witnesses watched as Malia – who they say was clearly intoxicated – decided to confront the conservative journalist. Malia was “visibly unhinged” and apparently can’t stand to be near people who don’t agree with her liberal worldview:

Malia’s security team stepped in, likely saving her from acting in an even more reckless fashion.

One attendee claims he has video of Malia at the event:

This is a reminder of how privileged Malia Obama is. She is given the opportunity to be at a club that is reserved for people 21-and-over. And because she is Barack Obama’s daughter, the media will ignore the story and give her a pass.

Could you imagine what the media would do if President Trump’s children acted this way? Of course, it would never happen, as Trump’s children were raised to be polite, successful, and accomplished. Malia should be ashamed of her rude and entitled behavior.

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