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Liberal Journalists Viciously Attack Roger Ailes Moments After Death

On Thursday morning, Elizabeth Ailes, the wife of Fox News founder Roger Ailes announced that her husband had tragically died at the age of 77.

Ailes revolutionized the cable news industry, and provided a needed platform for conservatives voices that had previously been shut out by the liberal media. While Ailes was a powerful figure in cable news, his tenure at Fox News abruptly ended in July of 2016 when the CEO resigned amidst multiple allegations of sexual harassment.

Ailes died only a few short hours ago, but that hasn’t stopped members of the liberal media from dancing on his grave, and The Daily Caller has documented some of the most vicious attacks on the Fox News founder:

How can anyone deny that the media is liberal? Look at these “reporters.”

It’s disgusting that liberals can’t set aside the partisan disagreements for just a moment to mourn the death of one of the most influential individuals in cable news history. Rather than show some semblance of class and dignity, the left has shown their hatred for Fox News has no bounds, even when its founder tragically passes away.

This is the life of Roger Ailes:



While the left cheers his death, most of America will not. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Ailes’ entire family during this trying time. Rest in peace!