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  1. Bernie says:

    What a terrible waste of money her liberal arts college was. I hope parents and students hear and heed her message.

  2. Bob says:

    Great testimony!! But you learned more than the average in-debted student. You learned to be a responsible person. From what I see most do not. The “in-debtors” that i know could not confront
    their indebtedness and choice minimal skilled jobs where they could work “under the table”. Their debt ruined their lives. Master degree educations wasted. This is another socialist way to help destroy a society.
    P.S. With post-graduate education, I spent 15 years at university and was an orphan and never borrowed money. It can be done!!!!!

  3. William says:

    Colleges and universities that attempt to indoctrinate to the liberal agenda should be sued out of existence.

  4. Robert says:

    This video is SO TRUE and SO on the mark ! Thank you so much for presenting it !

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