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Isis-Hunting Female Sniper Might be the Baddest Woman on the Planet

Incredible footage of a female Kurdish fighter engaged in hunting ISIS terrorists has emerged, showing her laughing off an enemy’s bullet that just barely passed by her head. Seriously – she is standing there calmly, and a bullet smashes into the wall behind her.

One journalist responded to the scene by explaining, “Kurdish women know no fear.”


But the woman’s reaction is even more amazing, and it’s getting lots of attention.

Take a look …

Via the Daily Mail:

Hemze Hamza shared a video on Twitter of a woman from the Women’s Protections Units engaged in a shootout in Raqqa City.

The woman is peering out over a ledge inside a building, shooting at a target off camera.

In a flash, she is nearly hit too, with a bullet coming dangerously close to her head and ricocheting off the side of the wall.

But far from appearing scared or shaken, she laughs to her colleagues and pokes her tongue out another.

The journalist who posted the video then said, “Your average human being would be scared for life after being so close to death but she kept laughing.”

A US-backed operation by Syrian forces to capture Raqqa from ISIS was announced in early June.

In 2015, the Political Insider covered a band of female Kurdish fighters refusing to accept the terror and oppression promoted by the Islamic State. It’s clear they’re still fighting that battle.

Incredible stuff!

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