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  1. Charles says:

    FCC needs to suspend Twitter and watch the dependent liberal heads explode….

    1. Ivanka Frump says:

      FCC has NOTHING to do with Twitter. Besides… Trump wants to get rid of the FCC. Sounds like Charles is a liberal. 😉

  2. Ivanka Frump says:


    1. stageangel says:

      Frumpy, Off your meds again, I see.

      1. Ivanka Frump says:

        Baby Hope Hicks is a cry baby.
        Boo Hoo for you. 😉
        What a conservaturd snow-flack LOL

      2. Ivanka Frump says:

        Sign the Petition…!!! What a load of crock. Although I am surprised that you are interested in conservation legacy (with a nice picture of a leaping wildcat) and dead chickens from Tyson.

        These sound too liberal for you.

        Conservaturds prefer dead wildcats and dead chickens as long as someone else makes money from their demise.

        1. Donna says:

          Frump the Fool…smh

  3. Jeff says:

    Would be too bad if Twatter’s licenses were all suddenly suspended also.

    1. Ivanka Frump says:

      GOOD! Let’s get Daddy (aka Trump) OFF of Twitter!

      1. Marilyn says:

        Sue this video is specifically for you as to why your beloved Killary didn’t win! Maybe it will help you to understand “what happened.” LMAO!


  4. Davison says:

    So, where is the FCC on this? Nary a peep.

    1. Ivanka Frump says:

      Why do YOU care about the FCC?! Trump wants to get rid of the FCC!

      1. Charles says:

        Still brain dead, I see. I’ll call 991 to help you…

        1. Ivanka Frump says:

          Thank you. Calling 991 will get you nowhere. 😉
          Perhaps you are not too bright to know this.

          nice try.

          FCC has NOTHING to do with Twitter.

      2. clowekey says:

        why don’t you change your name because trash like you don’t deserve the first name of Ivanka. B*tch you’re lucky you can hide your fat ass behind your computer but sooner or later your big fat mouth will get your ass in some deep trouble. You watch and see. I guarantee it! STFU you bloody douche bag. Nobody cares about you or what you stand for….go f**k yourself creepy M.F.

        1. Ivanka Frump says:

          WOW! I guess you are not an upstanding Christian. What a nasty mouth.

        2. Ivanka Frump says:

          Do you EAT with that filthy mouth of yours?! Learn to respond with some dignity!!

          1. Marilyn says:

            You wouldn’t know dignity Sue Everson if it spit in your face! Your site says you have empathy, but you don’t or you wouldn’t have made the cheap shot you did about the school shooting in Washington. You are really a miserable bit*h aren’t you?

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