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Historical Black College Vandalized over Meeting With Trump

You would think someone on the liberal side naturally wants peace in America, right?

You would think that intelligent, peaceful liberals could get together and discuss issues instead of resorting to vandalism and property destruction.

Well, you’d be wrong.

Wayne Frederick, President of Howard University, is responding to a series of attacks that hit the college campus after he met with other Historically Black College and University (HCBU) leaders at the White House.

President Donald Trump just signed an executive order to help HBCUs, something Barack Obama never did, and the lazy, non-thinking kids vandalize the administration just for sitting down with the Commander-in-chief.

How ignorant is that? This is unacceptable.

From TheBlaze:

The president of a prominent black college was blasted as the “overseer” of the “Trump plantation” in a spray-painted message — along with other graffiti on the Howard University campus — after a White House meeting with leaders of historically black colleges.

Washington, D.C., stations WTTG-TV and WRC-TV said Howard University President Wayne A.I. Frederick was part of Monday’s meeting at the White House.

The graffiti was discovered Tuesday morning on the Washington, D.C., campus, DCist reported.

Did they even know HBCUs were named after white Republicans who wanted to help black’s education during a time when it was unpopular?

Why even go to college to get an education if you feel you have to destroy foundations and buildings that had nothing to do with your anger?

If they find these criminals, they should be expelled for conduct unbecoming a member of the college community.

President Trump wants to work with members of the black community to make things better, not worse. Democrats won’t do it, so why get angry at Republicans who take steps to help? These kids do not use common sense when it comes to solutions. Emotions are at the forefront, and it’s hurting no only the community, but their future careers.

You can’t move forward if you are always angry.

What do you think about these exhibits of vandalism at this HBCU? Share your opinions below!