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  1. James Allen says:


  2. William says:

    The left will not pay any notice to this as they only care for dirt on Trump. Most of that dirt is their making.

  3. Dave In Arizona says:

    “Newly Released Email Shows Bill Clinton Paid $500,000 for Moscow Speech While Hillary Opposed Russia Sanctions”

    Just one more thing to be ignored by the left-wing press.

  4. Trump saying “If I were President you’d be in jail” talking to Hillary during the debate has new meaning. It is just unbelievable the corruption our government has come to. We need the latest largest dredge for this swamp.

  5. Vern says:

    Allot of the Dems know the Clinton’s are crooks some just don’t want to admit it. There’s still some reason why that hasn’t happened yet? I guess we will have to wait till the last dog is hung to find what that reason is. Meanwhile Dems are still trying to find a smoking gun to distract we the people about Don JR which is not panning out, to go along with the Russian narrative!

    1. Jonas says:

      I think that almost every democrat official in Washington DC know that Hillary is a crooked snake, and that is why they wanted her elected President, they like the graft, fraud and corruption that is going on in the nation’s capital. They could have had it their way with her at the helm, But with Trump’s vow to drain the swamp, that is something they all fear, and that is why they are doing everything in their power to keep him from doing what needs to be done. I am so thankful for a Commander in Chief that takes his job seriously, and will keep his promises to the American People.

  6. Esau says:

    Don’t rush through these stories. I don’t care about the constraints and imperatives of cable news. Give these stories which are complicated, abstruse and interconnected the time they deserve.

  7. Ann says:

    I wonder, how long will this drip drip drip continue about the Clintons before somebody decides that what they did was illegal? This is ridiculous!

  8. poppDavid says:

    At lease we now know the dirt that was given to Don’T Jr by Natalia Veselnitskaya.

    How did you get it?

  9. evwimena says:

    Don, great opinion…as is the opinion of the Obamarama Circus and his band of Professional
    Clowns. Obummer sure is a leader…in his warped logic.
    You are literate, aren’t you ? Don’ red mooch, huh ?

  10. mesaman says:

    The number of smoking guns aimed at Ms Hildebeast just keeps increasing each day, yet democrats are irresistibly attracted to her and her alleged criminal activities and continue to fawn and slobber with every instance. Are these dung beetles really so intellectually deprived that they can’t see what she really is?

  11. Radar says:

    It is a sad state of affairs that the media and a few CUCKOO citizens are not up in arms over her dealings with Russia. Can you imagine the bull chit they would be pulling if President Trump was anywhere near this do do.

  12. Don says:

    Old trash story trump won, with the help of putin and his lying going of thieves. The story should be that President Obama had the balls to put on the sanctions while trump is sucking putins nut$.

    1. Don says:

      Don, would that be the same Obama who pulled out all the Missiles from Poland because it bothered the Russians, and he got nothing in return? You really don’t know what is going on, do you?

  13. Mike says:

    We have been talking about these things for over a year now – they are just coming to realize it?
    Why so slow – FYI – the computer seized from Huma Abedin/Anthony Wiener’s home by the NYPD had troves of derogatory files about the Clintons including evidence that Hillary made at least 6 trips to Jeffery Epstein’d “Pleasure Island” for the orgies with trafficked and run-away under-aged girls too – it is not just Bill who is a pedophile. The POS that came out before the cameras claiming to be an advocate for children is a pedophile. There are also reports now of rampant pedophilia in Hillary Clintons state department. I hope they start getting on this information a little quicker. If we can find the information – I would sure think investigators should have no problems – unless their bosses are silencing them.

  14. William says:

    Once one party owns the media, as Obama’s Democrats did, they did not have to reform the schools, balance the budget, manage the border, cut crime, improve the economy or do anything well.
    All they needed was to have the media on their side telling how it was performing miracles and they did not need to deliver anything. Obama could make great ghost written speeches along with photo-ops and and everyone was happy. Then the Wall Street gangsters with the help of Washington could steal as much as they wanted. It was kind of like a pretend government where appearance too the place of substance.

  15. William says:

    We knew this months ago. Why are you just reporting on it now?

    1. Radar says:

      The media has refused to report anything on this scandal. Wonder why?????????

  16. Vickie says:

    Good God Bill was one of the biggest cocaine runners by plane while governor in AK and still walking the streets getting paid big bucks for reciting things others wrote

    1. Radar says:

      Someone told me how bill and hillary met. They were dating the same woman.

    2. poppDavid says:

      Vicki, the planes were operated by CIA to support the Contras. They were under the direct control of Vice President George Bush, and the overall direction of President Reagan.

      A puny governor of a poor Southern state had no authority to stop it. Give credit to the Republicans for that.

  17. 69Gabriella says:

    Lock them up, as fast as it is possible. Two miserable traitors. I hope, I won’t die, like the rest of those who tried to show,who this two people are.

  18. Christine says:

    Just remember that the democrats tactic is, ‘Accuse those who oppose you of that which you are guilty’. Everything they have accused President Trump and his family of has been committed by them!!!

  19. Bill says:


  20. Eldon says:

    It makes no difference anymore. When the leading investigator in the land goes on TV with a littany of offenses that would BURY any other serviceman (or woman) or anyone ele handling the info.. and refuses go farther… we KNEW something was up. Then, the repubichairs after 7 years of promising to undo the big gov’t actions of Obamacare are afraid to repeal it, and afraid to replace it… apparently they value something MORE than our vote… but aren’t telling us what it is… ARTICLE V of the US Constitution, now. We’ve been robbed. We’ve been sold out. There is at least ONE person who has been TRYING to testify about this RUSSIA stuff that congress will not allow to be heard… who knows about the $$ the dems spent with whom and when.. to make things ‘happen’… and the citizens still think it’s about THEM…. it’s not. We are ONE president away from losing this country to a bunch of foreign powers (anybody remember CAIRE and the like being in the WH staff with Obama?) Just sayin…

  21. June says:

    Since Trump has been elected, no blacks have been put back in chains (Joe Biden’s claim), women have not had their right to vote or to have abortions taken away, minorities still have the right to vote, schools are still teaching all children, and Al Sharpton and the other MSNBC hosts are still out of jail even though they owe millions of dollars in back taxes.
    This is both scary and depressing… Democrats believe Republicans are ALWAYS wrong and Dems are ALWAYS right. And that makes them very, very dangerous!

  22. Philip says:

    actually should be executed

  23. Jane says:

    Blah, blah, blah, blah. Nothing here, folks. No one will ever do anything about this so this is nothing more than a waste of time.

  24. Robert says:

    We hear about this stuff almost daily…what is being done about it ?! ?!

  25. HOFFHACK says:

    The only word that comes to my mind for these two crooks is: “P-U-T-R-I-D-!”

  26. Floyd says:

    Without God they live on lies and deceit!

    1. Ursula says:

      God has nothing to do with personal responsibility. Leave god out of it. The Clinton’s are criminals and need to be locked up. Once again god has nothing to do with humans being responsible for their actions. I do not believe in god or religion but I do take personal responsibility for my actions because it is what decent human beings do.

  27. William says:

    This is all so obvious, why do we even waste time with it. Could the MSM really be on the side of the left?

    1. Marilyn says:

      Wake up William, the mainstream media is owned by the globalist’s who are pushing the NWO & the CIA is involved in the MSM as well. Start getting the REAL news from alternative sites like this & many others available on the internet. What you see on the MSM is nothing but lies & propaganda. I quit watching it years ago. Americans need to wake up & do their own research as to what is going on in our country & the world. Other countries think Americans are ignorant because they believe the lies they see on their little “black box”. Totally idiotic!

  28. Mark says:

    The $500,000 that Bill Clinton received from a Russian bank with very close ties to the Kremlin (according to a NY Times story that’s still available online) was for promoting the sale of America’s uranium mines to the Russians. And the NY Times article also mentioned that Hillary forgot to report Bill’s $500,000 speaking fee to the Obama administration, a requirement. So not only did the Clintons sell out a chunk of America’s uranium mines to the Russians, who now own most of the world’s uranium mines, but they also made a half million dollar speaking fee for it and received a $2.5 million “donation” to the Clinton Foundation from the Canadian businessman who “partnered” with the Clintons on the mine sales.

    1. Alicia says:

      simple. Here are her crimes: 1: helping and abedding the “enemy” (the donkeys consider Russia our enemy because she lost the election and her first idea was to blamed them)
      2. by selling 20% of US uranium to Putin. (FELONY)
      3. Receiving 150 million $ for her campaign through the Clinton Foundation in exchange for the uranium deal (FELONY) Foreign governments can NOT contribute to US presidential campaigns!
      4. BIlly Boy speaking to a Kremlin Bank for 500,000 thousand dollars which is Quid Pro Quo as well as the other two previous accounts. 5. Killery LlYING and DESTROYING CLASSIFIED INformation on her email servers as well as hammering her blackberries to disappear GOVERNMENT, not personal information. (FELONY) Should I give more examples??? ARE YOU DUMB DEAF AND BLIND OR JUST DELUSIONAL my friend???? These are FACTS NOT CONSPIRACY THEORIES like the donkeys have spewed for 8 months about Trump! Thank God Hitlery lost, she would have finished the destruction Obama started with the corruption up to our necks, our decimated military, the economy in the worst state its been in for the last decade due to no Jobs growth and innumerable social programs (freebies to the parasites), 20 trillion in debt, amounts to more spending tan all previous presidents COMBINED! and the INDOCTRINATION of our youth in colleges and all schools.!!! NEED MORE????

    2. Alicia says:

      Excuse Mark, my REPLY was for WILLIAM. Sorry.

  29. William says:

    Just tell me the name of the statute that makes Hillary criminally liable. What SPECIFIC law did she break?

    1. Joseph says:

      The same law DJT Jr. broke. AKA, NONE. I think the point is, what’s sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander. If Bill & Hillary didn’t break the law, NEITHER DID DJT Jr. Funny how those pesky rules pop up.

    2. William says:

      What law Trump Jr. break?

    3. Rich says:

      Bribery of a public official and witnesses pretty much covers Pay for Play in the case of the clinton-crime-family and its “foundation”.

      Treason occurs when a “citizen’s actions to help a foreign government overthrow, make war against, or seriously injure the [parent nation]” occurs, which really isn’t a far stretch of the legal application.

      The whole mess could be taken down under the defined “Seditious Conspiracy” Law.


    4. Eldon says:

      Start looking under Title 18 Section 798 of the U.S. Criminal Code, at least, and according to Comey’s statements on TV. He also said she “didn’t intend to do anything wrong” even though she was in a position to do grave damage to this nation by her ‘extremely careless’ handling of the information. So you try it. See if you can do what she did, but tell everyone you didn’t “mean to” do anything wrong. See how that goes for you. Call Hillandbill for help when the boys with badges show up at your door. Maybe they’ll meet some lady at an airport to help ya. The rest of the info is available at places like
      the CIA library online. READ it for yourself instead of letting the TV read it to ya via Megan or Michelle or your favorite libtard infobabe. In their world it’s ok to murder a person with a knife in the back … as long as you do it un-intentionally. And vote Democrat. Just remember… it was by accident so it’s all ok. She didn’t even know she had state secrets on her personal devices. Oopsie! We can wipe it with a cloth.

    5. Dig says:

      18 U.S.C. § 1924 – Unauthorized Removal And Retention Of Classified Documents Or Material. Possible Penalty: Imprisonment for 1 year and/or $100,000 fine

      18 U.S.C. § 793 – Gathering, Transmitting Or Losing Defense Information. Possible Penalty: Imprisonment for 10 years and/or $250,000 fine

      18 U.S.C. § 2071 – Concealment, Removal, Or Mutilation Generally. Possible Penalty: Imprisonment of no more than 3 years, a fine, or both

      18 U.S.C. § 1519 – Destruction, Alteration, Or Falsification Of Records In Federal Investigations And Bankruptcy. Possible Penalty: Imprisonment of no more than 20 years, a fine, or both

      And these are just the emails. More, especially for bribery (Uranium One deal), others.

  30. George says:

    Now you see what we would would got if she had elected. I think we got the best that was running. I do wish things were better

  31. Dennis says:

    This is actually old news and nothing was done about it or will be done about it. This hag is above the laws the rest of us have to abide with.

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