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House Republican Leader Reveals Probe Into Hillary’s Emails Continues

Hillary Clinton probably thought she was free and clear because President Donald Trump publicly said he didn’t want to go after the Clintons after a hard and drawn out election. Attorney General Jeff Sessions said he wouldn’t be a part of an investigation into Clinton. She had to be dancing for joy with all that good news.

But in comes Rep. Jason Chaffetz, R-Utah. He chairs the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform and he’s breaking with Trump and Sessions to the delight of many voters!

Chaffetz spoke to Fox News and confirmed that the probe into Clinton’s use of a private e-mail isn’t over and it’s being delayed by the State Department.

Source: Fox News

“We need to understand the gravity of this. There is a reason the State Department, years after, is still holding off on giving us documents,” Chaffetz told Fox News. “The more they want to hold them, the more curious we are on what’s in them.” Chaffetz said the State Department has been “dreadfully slow” in turning over some 30,000 additional documents, and that he expected the investigation to last well into 2018. “Agencies like to brag about how many thousands of documents they’ve given us, but it’s not about the count — it’s about getting 100 percent of them.” The committee head said his panel plans to investigate the case from “top to bottom” — including investigating the meeting on an airport tarmac between then-Attorney General Loretta Lynch and President Bill Clinton in “such close proximity” to the conclusion of the FBI’s investigation of the email scandal.



If you are reading this, then you are smiling from ear to ear. How many times have you asked the question “Will Hillary pay for her crimes?” Hopefully, it will be before the next election. I support Chaffetz if he plans to seriously go after Clinton. If this is just word service, then he will hear from me constantly and consistently. What do you think about Chaffetz going after Clinton? Do you think he will be able to bring a case? Share your opinions below in our comments section.