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  1. Esau says:

    This is all just payback pile on. Harvey’s business is failing. He’s not had a bona fide hit in five years. He’s not been bringing home the awards either. He has no pull anymore. All these women put up with his behavior for the sake of their careers. They kept their mouths shut. They took the settlement money. This is not brave behavior. This is the behavior of fearful women on the make in a completely corrupt industry.

  2. Larry says:

    Why hasn’t that old hag had a fatal broom crash yet?

    1. Mari says:

      If we could only be that lucky!

    2. Kkmoderate says:

      Larry, Larry, Larry she had the broom crash it just wasn’t fatal. Didn’t you see the pictures of the aftermath of the calamity when she was thrown into the back seat of a van by her handlers September 11, 2016? We were all told she was injured playing Quidditch.

  3. Alicia says:

    This woman is such a FAKE!!!! She is absolutely disgusting. Wish she would desappear from the scene.

  4. drbhelthi says:

    Interesting. Weinstein is a neophyte in comparison to Mrs. Clinton´s husband, not even in the same category as her husband´s history of rapes. The following lists a few from 1969-1999, a 30-yr history of “former president Clinton´s” rape episodes.

  5. drbhelthi says:

    Hillary Clinton uses the same motto of deceit as is used by Judaism and its spy and assassination agency, MOSSAD: “By way of deception shalt thou do war”. Similar to the political leaders of Judaism, Hillary Clinton is in a constant state of war with non-supporters, and often with supporters.

    1. pennysmum says:

      Since you obviously ate anti-Semitic and anti-Israel then do us all a favour and hand back all of your Israeli inventions and start with your computer. None of us wants to read your garbage.

      1. drbhelthi says:

        Typical Jewish Apartheid.
        Your comment reflects you and your thoughts.

      2. Mari says:

        Learn to spell idiot!

      3. Mari says:

        His remarks were not anti Semitic, but maybe you are!

  6. Stephen says:

    And she claims to be pro woman, she’s as two faced as they come!

    1. Mari says:

      She’s pro-lesbian not pro-woman (also a known pedophile).

  7. David says:

    if HRC is un accepting the donation she should give it to charity on top of the 10% … otherwise she’s really accepting the money and substituting it for personal charitable donations she would otherwise make … did she take the money personally? and if she did isn’t that some kind of election code violation … and if she didn’t accept it personally is it somehow now her personal money? will she give back all the money he “bundled” ? … just thinking

    1. Guy says:

      Exactly! This is what I said when I first heard her words on FOX last night. Thanks for being so forthright and generous, Hillary.

    2. Larry says:

      Everyone knows that the clinton foundation is her favorite charity. Guess where these millions will go.

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