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Classmate Of Natalee Holloway Speaks Out About Night She Disappeared

With renewed interest in the disappearance of Natalee Holloway, one of Holloway’s classmates is speaking out for the first time about what happened the night she went missing.

In a two-part interview for the new Oxygen series “The Disappearance of Natalee Holloway,” Jessica Caiola reveals that she saw Holloway being driven away in a white car the night she disappeared:

In an interview with Oxygen, Caiola said the two girls left “Carlos ‘n Charlie’s,” a local bar, to catch a shuttle back to the hotel.

While they stopped to order some street food, Caoila said she looked up and saw Holloway being driven away in a white car.

“The window was down so we could see it was her in the back of the car,” she said in the interview. “My impression was, ‘Oh, great, she found a ride back to the hotel.’”

While Caiola doesn’t comment on who else was in the car with Holloway, she does say that she saw Joran van der Sloot – the man suspected of killing Holloway – several times throughout the Aruba trip, including at the casino inside the hotel where she and her classmates were staying, as well as at Carlos’n Charlie’s the night Holloway went missing:

‘I remember seeing Joran van der Sloot at the casino at our hotel. That was the first time I saw him and I remember chatter of him. “He’s so cute,” “Who’s going to hook up with him?” Those sort of things were floating around. That was probably the extent to which I got close to him,’ revealed Caiola.

‘I don’t even remember if Natalee with with him at that point, or if any of us were necessarily with him. What I can tell you is he was there multiple nights of our trip. I believe it was the second to last night I saw him at the casino.’

And she is certain she saw home on that final night.

‘He was absolutely at Carlos’n Charlie’s, 1000 percent,’ stated Caiola, who added that for the next few years she would frequently be called in by the FBI to recount her final night with Holloway.

Caiola also took two of the last photos of Holloway before she went missing.

friend natalee holloway speaks

Of the pictures, Caiola says, “Never in my life before this moment had I taken a picture of Natalee, she was never in my pictures. So I definitely think that that night there was something – that I wanted to be around her.”

It certainly seems like we’re getting close to the truth about what happened to Holloway.



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