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Fox News is Now Behind CNN and MSNBC in Ratings, For the First Time Ever

After Fox News fired their top host Bill O’Reilly, the network seemed to be in trouble. With multiple sexual harassment lawsuits pending and a shifting primetime schedule the network has been going through a rough year.

Things looked like they were improving with host Tucker Carlson, who replaced Megyn Kelly. However, now the numbers are in and Fox News received a crushing blow: They are in last place!

For the first time in 15 years, Fox News this week dropped below MSNBC and CNN in the critical 25-54 age bracket, which advertisers care about the most.

This is an absolute disaster for a network that became used to dominating the cable news ratings. Wow:

For the first time in nearly 15 years, Fox News could be on the edge of losing its dominance in the cable news wars. On Monday the embattled network dropped to last place, behind both MSNBC and CNN in the primetime 25-54 age bracket, the one most coveted by advertisers. In total primetime viewers, Fox handily beat CNN but lost by a hair to MSNBC.

Other than beating CNN in the primetime demo, pretty much the same thing happened Friday. The left-wing MSNBC bludgeoned Fox with 503,000 demo viewers compared to just 371,000.

As this chart from Adweek shows, Fox News is suffering a serious decline:
Fox News ratings

With Co-president Bill Shine out, people are now looking at Sean Hannity and wondering if he’s next. Fox News has lost many conservative viewers with their shift to the left. And with such a serious ratings slump, Fox News has to be terrified about the prospects of Sinclair planning on launching their own, national conservative-leaning cable news network.



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