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What’s Your Reaction?


  1. Karen says:

    Susan Rice will go down in history as the Biggest Useful Idiot of the 21st Century. She needs a trophy!!! “It was a YouTube video!” And her latest “I leaked nothing to nobody.” Whatever O tells her to say, she does, and she’s being thrown under the bus. I wonder if she’ll squeal when she’s facing the orange suit.

  2. poppDavid says:

    Exposing Russian spies and their American com-symps is patriotic.

    Unless you work for Putin.

  3. Charles says:

    Rice lied about Benghazi, a lot….numbers of times, so we can expect no less than more lies, and certainly Bama will lie to Cover his/her As!!!!

  4. Joseph says:

    No secret here ! Problem she has now is that Obama can’t protect her anymore ! She needs to cut a deal and move on ! Not with the FBI, that won’t work ! Comely is NEXT !

  5. Checoty says:

    She is as guilty as SIN itself, and nothing she says is credible in her denial.

  6. Charles says:

    This scandal will dwarf Watergate. Others who were involved are yet to be unmasked. Rice had absolutely no reason to do this on her own. She’s not smart enough. So, she was doing the bidding of others. Those individuals work within the White House. Ben Rhodes’ name has been mentioned and, knowing his nefarious reputation, he needs to be looked at very closely. But, while Ben would be more than willing to sabotage and take down an incoming Presidential administration, he had no vested interest in doing so. There are only two individuals who would have or could have directed that this be done: Valerie Jarrett or Barry Soetoro, leaning more strongly to the latter individual…

  7. Esau's says:

    Wait just one [email protected] New York minute. We don’t know enough yet to know whether there was any illegality. Her request for unmasking might not be illegal. But the unmasking without good grounds (ie, compliance with her request) very well might be and that person has not been named. I wouldn’t rule out conspiracy charges against her. And she had those spreadsheets not just for her personal edification. Someone (Ben Rhodes? Ben Rhodes. Ben Rhodes!) leaked some of that information. And she may have “authorized” those leaks. There’s obviously potential criminal liability there for both her and whomever (Ben Rhodes? Ben Rhodes. Ben Rhodes!).

    1. Bill says:

      We don’t know enough yet to know whether there was any illegality.

      Rubbish. We can state with mathematical certainty that she knew exactly what she was doing and that she did it for political reasons. Why? Because it was not anywhere within the realm of her responsibilities to be investigating private citizens, yet she did it. Therefore, her only possible explanation of a motivation is political gain. Only questions remaining are, a) who else was involved and b) do honest people within our government have the stones to prosecute and convict former Presidential staff, and perhaps even the former POTUS, for felonious behavior. Yes, I get that knowing mathematically is not likely to carry water in a court of law, where lying criminals can claim all sorts of justifications for what we all know was criminal behavior. However, there is a legal term: res ipsa loquitar, meaning “the fact speaks for itself” and a conviction can be reached based on that even despite emotional rationalizations to the contrary.

      1. Karen says:

        And we all know good and darn well that if they HAD found something in those unmasked communications, they would have used it BEFORE the election to crucify Trump! There was nothing to see or hear, before the election, and now after it, there still is nothing. Trump’s out shooting missiles at Assad who is Putin’s BFF. As smart as Donald Trump is with all of his preparation for being president, he would not have compromised himself by playing footsie with the Russians!!!

  8. Phyllis says:

    She worked with the person who lied to us for 8 years. Now she has the gall to accuse Trump of making false statements. Just another unhinged liberal. Obama forced many officers out of the service and decimated our armed forces. Maybe Trump should blame every bad thing that happens on Obama, just as Obama did with Pres. Bush.

  9. Kenneth says:

    This woman couldn’t lie straight in bed. She has been fully trained in lying and now it comes naturally to her. If she was to tell me the time, I would have to check that it wasn’t a lie.

  10. drbhelthi says:

    Obama´s comrade Susan Rice could also have stated, “Everything I did was authorized”, similar to Oliver North of the Reagan-Bush, Iran-Contra “Missing Chapter”, http://www.globalresearch.ca/cia-media-disinformation-and-us-proxy-wars-fallouts-of-iran-contras-lost-chapter/5326764

  11. Bruce says:

    Like everything attached to the Obama administration, nothing but lies, lunacy and sidestepping. Must be in the democratic play manual

  12. Don says:

    She LIED, She LIES, She’s gonna LIE again and Skirt the issue, typical Demo-Commie strategy, so why not charge her NOW! ?

  13. Dennis says:

    Put the lying Obama slut behind bars and then make room for Barry when he gets called on to the carpet.

  14. Yeah, you can tell Susan Rice for me that she has undermined my confidence in the Presidency and in Washington which I consider to be 100 percent corrupt.

  15. Doesn’t sound very incidental to me! Is it coincidence that they picked up incidentally so many people on Trump’s campaign.

  16. She is an excellent liar. Very convincing.

  17. Kim says:

    there should be NO Obama personnel in the office PERIOD…Obama is a traitor, too bad people can’t see this…

    1. nrahat says:

      The see it but won’t say anything because he is black, eeerrrr ahhh I mean half black!!!!!!

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