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This Female Fighter Is ISIS’s Worst Nightmare and Is Sending Them to Hell!

As ISIS continues to be a threat in the Middle East and to America’s interests, they have a long ways to go in terms of the end game – world domination. Among those trying their hardest to put an end to the atrocities of the Islamic State(ISIS), as well as defend their home country, are the Kurdish people.

One female soldier who goes by the name Rehana, has recently hit a milestone of 100 ISIS jihadists killed.

The awesome part of this story is, not only are these women very tough, but the Islamic State fighters have an extra reason to be scared of them:

WASHINGTON — Kurdish fighters battling ISIS desperately want more guns and armor, but they already have a secret weapon: The fanatics they’re fighting fear that if they get killed in combat by a woman, they won’t go to heaven.

“They have many female battalions, as you know who fought very bravely,” Rep. Ed Royce (R-Calif.), who chairs the House International Relations Committee, told The Post of the Kurds.

Royce, who met this week with the foreign minister of Kurdistan, cited recent reports of young female Kurdish troops “laughing” at ISIS forces they had turned back.

“These ISIL soldiers apparently believed that if they were killed in battle, they went to paradise as long as they were killed by a man,” Royce explained, using another acronym for the terror group.

“And these female soldiers were communicating their satisfaction with the fact that they had taken the fight to ISIL and had stopped the advance, turned back the advance — slayed a number of these fighters, who would then run away,” he added with a chuckle.

And she has plenty of supporters on Twitter:


Please share this story if you support these brave Kurds in their battle against blood-thirsty Islamic State terrorists. They must be stopped, and these ladies are ready to do it!

H/T: Mad World News