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  1. Moma says:

    Some of you calling for Trey Gowdy for President in 2020 – that’s ridiculous! President Trump is trying everything he can to keep to his campaign promises but the filth that took root in our Federal Government in 2008 has to be stopped – it has encroached big time into the Repbublican Party such that many, if not most, are no longer (if they ever were) true political conservatives, hence the title of RINOs. Gowdy does a lot of publicized investigating and there is a lot of grandstanding but for years now, I have not yet seen one result that has come out of these interrogations other than a lot of publicity for Trey Gowdy. Don’t you ever wonder why that is? Because people see it as a person fighting for our causes and beliefs (i.e., political conservatives wanting truths to come out) and the idea of seeing someone being verbally imposing to who we view as the criminals like Comey, Hillary… and others of the nasty folk is a positive for us. But it never leads to any results whatsoever. People, Trey has been trying to get to the bottom of all of the leftists’ trash for years but the result is “zero” – circular.

  2. Moma says:

    You know these hearings that are held about this and that are all well and good. And I certainly support Trey Gowdy, but nothing is ever accomplished. Hearings go on and on and then the topic disappears. I feel like the public is being played big time by all of this grandstanding. There has been enough evidence to press charges against Hillary Clinton, both Clintons and their not-so-innocent daughter for the Clinton Foundation, and Comey should be highly investigated along with his 2nd in command (buddy of Clintons) and Podesta (BIG TIME) — so enough with the hearings. Let’s move on and see some action taken against these crooks. And while they are at it, they might as well forget trying to tie Obama into anything bad because he has been kept very well insulated — like the snake that he is, he sheds his skin of filth and underhandedness to grow back another over and over again and not get caught. What should be done is to freeze Soros’ assets like George W’s administration did to the terrorists in 2001 — Soros is a domestic terrorist in that he sponsors much of these riots that have resulted in the deaths of innocent police officers. As a domestic terrorist, his assets should be frozen with regard to every organization that he has ties to. Cut off the head of the serpent that controls the other snakes.

  3. Hell there were not investigating they were trolling for any thing to try and get Hildabeast elected
    and when that and their campaign of deceit and lies failed now they are again trying to fabricate
    or I should say continue to fabricate “FAKE NEWS” along with the alphabet (Faked) news media
    group. Of course the Snow Flake, Millennials and Cali Moon Beams are sucking it up like gospel

  4. Matthew says:

    Apparently, Democrats, Republicans, their appointees, and Israel just cannot accept the concept that Trump won the last election.

    1. Chris says:

      Israel? That asinine suggestion discredits conservatives and this whole page.

  5. Mpit says:

    I like Trey Gowdy. I wish that he, or Justin Amash or Jim Jordan were House Speaker instead of CINO Paul Ryan.

  6. Comey is a pious fraud

  7. The FBI admits they were “investigating” Trump’s ties to Russia. How did they do that investigation? By staying home and watching television?

  8. John says:

    Comey is a whore and political hack

  9. John says:

    Comey is a whore and political hack

  10. poppDavid says:

    There are two kinds of leaks:
    One kind of leak reveals information that could compromise our security and our sources of intelligence. Gowdy doesn’t care about that kind.
    The other kind reveals information about lies and coverups within the Administration that could be embarrassing. Gowdy wants that stopped.
    When an Administration official lies about contact with Russia, Gowdy doesn’t care. When the public finds out about the lies Gowdy starts to care.
    How is the investigation into the botched raid in Yemen coming, Trey? We took casualties there, where is the review?

  11. Mary says:

    Trey Gowdy for president 2020. He is the last honest person in congress. I cannot wait till the swamp is cleaned out and the SCUM is scrapped out. !!! Trump has been spied on, wire tapped, etc. Do you really think the tapping would have been “documented” and gone through the “proper” channels ??? If you do, I have a bridge I want to sell you.

  12. Anna says:

    Yes I support Trey Gowdy .. He’s the only one I’ve really seen and heard so far trying to get to the bottom of all this bull crap .. People like Comey and other so called security enforcement keeps pass the buck to others… They all know dang well that Obama And Clinton and many others have dealings with Russia and other countries that are shady .. But they want to blame Trump for everything because he CAN NOT BE BOUGHT, BRIBED , OR CORRUPT as them themselves .. Trump is a businessman NOT a politician .. But he knows how to make things work and get America back on her feet .. That’s why he has Vice President Pence and a few others from congress on his cabinet to help and advise him .. Trump is exactly who America needs to get things done and people back to work and strong again ..

  13. Esau's says:

    Oh, Obama most certainly did have Trump electronically monitored. It goes back to 2011, not the presidential election. We will see the FISA applications and orders. I [email protected] it. Name stripping is required under FISA and it should be required under §702 when Americans are in on the conversation. And there will be no re-authorization won’t happen without that protection being inserted.

  14. Ronald says:


    1. Mpit says:

      Amash of Michigana and Jordan of Ohio. Both honest men who love and support the Constitution.

  15. Tommy says:

    The president’s Twitter accounts were active during testimony on Trump-Russia ties. But the posts were misleading, inaccurate or simply false. just as DONNY DUMP IS ALL THAT AND MUCH MUCH MORE

  16. John says:

    Yes! The FBI Director and NSA are playing “I Don’t Know” games. He should be fired along with his Deputy. They are both “tainted” with Clintonitis.

  17. Desert Fox says:

    The FBI and the CIA investigating Trump and Russia is like the fox guarding the hen house. They are still in obama’s pocket, The American people cannot trust them either. The entire justice department is a fraud. Look at the connection of killary and the Russians….there’s a hell of a lot more to be investigated there.

  18. majorp44 says:

    Two faced republicans have to get on the pot or get off/ Like the song says trying to please two women is hell. Get it together or get out of the way. Were are tired of Obama republicans.

  19. Ben says:

    While I do not pretend to know all the facts, I agree with Trey. The leaks is a much more serious problem than a tweet. There needs to be a law making it illegal to report on a “tip” from anonymous sources. Either give the leak with your name attached or STFU.

    1. Rick says:

      I always love these people who view themselves as patriots and good Americans who seem to have no problem trampling the constitutional rights of other to suit their political views. What they display is not patriotism or support for the president, but their sociopathy and brainwashing.
      The issue here is not the difference between a tweet and a leak. The issue is what is more important to the future of America? The president being a delusional pathological liar or persecuting the people who expose the president as a delusional pathological liar?
      Hint: The leakers can’t launch a war based on lies, again, and the leakers can help the oligarchs loot more money from the American people.

      1. Desert Fox says:

        But apparently it was OK to vote for a psychotic liar and thief—killary.

        1. Mpit says:

          You left out murderer.

  20. ksate says:

    I can only hope who ever is at our helm they will work to protect this country and erase the corruption we’ve allowed. ‘Conquer and divide’ was a simple explanation as to what is happening here. If it’s not stopped we will all be under a government that won’t be controlled.

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